Thursday, March 3, 2011

Warhammer: Skaven Painting pt. 1

I've recently been keeping myself busy with various projects, some of them involving my Skaven-army. Suffice to say; 2500 points don't paint themselves all in one day. In a sense, progress is such a terrible thing. Especially once your skills really start to improve and you reach that certain stage in which you start looking back at your older models thinking; “This just won’t do. Not compared to my current standard!”

Somehow I wish I were more into Warriors of Chaos or High Elves. But when you work from a budget consisting of 4 points/model, you can’t help but feeling like a masochist bitch, truth to be told.
I know I did, when I decided to re-whitecoat 100 clanrats, only to start all over. Mind you, I am in no way having the shadow of regret since the new theme is working wonders.

Observant readers will notice that I have chosen a safe combination of colors from the ‘official GW-palette’ (read: what is used in the official Isle of Blood painting guide). I’ve always been secretly in love with the huge Skaven photos on the back of White Dwarf magazine. Combining red-green-black and brown seemed like the best approach. I am very eager to see the result on a grand scale! As for now, the first 50 clannies with their Chief are done and ready for the frontline-slaughter. Just don’t tell them.

Deathmaster Snikch, another personal favorite of mine, also got his part of the spotlight this month.

In related news; I’ve started on the rat ogres. Despite everyone pointing out their suckalities, I've always wanted to try these guys out in an army.

Finally there is the matter of war machines. The new catapult is pretty much made of awesome. Not that its design is especially innovative. It’s a catapult. But if you handled the bell and doomwheel you should be more than at home with this one. It does include a limited range of customization. Paint-wise there’s not much to say. If you’ve painted the bell, you’ve pretty much tried it all before.

The next project, I imagine, is to finish up the rat ogres and get started on the new weapon teams. I’d like to say that I would gladly take on the next 50 clan-rats. But then again I’d also gladly assume Claire Danes would make me breakfast on bed tomorrow.

Some times all you can do is hope.
But with my dice-luck she would likely misfire and blow up my kitchen.

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