Friday, April 29, 2011

Warhammer: Skaven Painting Pt. 3 - Of Rat Ogres and tiny men

Not a whole lot to say these days, and I suppose you’re more than entitled to flame me for that. Frankly, I now have more time than I can ever remember. Yes, still waiting for my final project to pass at university.
That being said there’s been a birthday in between, which involved moderate amounts of alcohol, and my new ‘Project Healer’…project. I’ll get back to you on that one later. Hopefully soon.
Oh, and I’m moving in with my better half. I’m actually amazed of the associated consumption of time.
However, just to feel that something is happening in here while the weather outside is SO great, a small update on the Rat Ogres. That’s right, I finally managed to finish those. I’m aware that I’ve put them off for way too long, considering how long they’ve stood around. It might be due to my opinion that models like them should truly be expressed in many details, and more than often I didn’t approve of the final result. Especially the Master-Bred (aka ‘the blue one’) caused me a lot of headache before I was slightly happy with it.
I went along and decided to apply quickshader. Not my first option, but then again they did stand out a bit from their dirty, gloomy fellow-rats. Which seemed…stupid, when they’re standing so much out in the crowd. I really don’t want my hammers to be the shiny example. I want them to look their worst for their first battle (in which they’re hopefully going to bash in some ork-brains).
The original photo became very dark for some odd reason. Another one was taken at the brightest hour of the day, which improved matters a lot. I’ve decided to post both.

I’m quite okay with them for now. Also the fact that so far I only own four, and I really need six, meaning I need to find someone who could sell me an additional two. And I’d TRULY like to have to Isle of Blood-versions. Frankly, I loathe the old ones (the gorilla-versions) and till I find some kind of solution, we will have to go for large-base invisible rat ogres.
Seems skavenish enough for me.
The second highlight of this post would be the fact that I really need a little holiday from Skavens. I’ve painted rats out of my ass the past month, and it’s driving me crazy. Especially the clannies who just keep on coming and coming, and I can’t make myself go into speed-painting. I did some with the handlers of the Rat Ogres, mostly because they will always stand in the shadow of their larger brethren (literally) and likely not be seen too much.

So I finally decided to start up my second army. Despite the fact that I have half an army of WoC, I wanted something with color, metal, jolly good spirit and guns that didn’t misfire.
In other words, I have started growing a long beard…

Work is in progress.

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  1. The Grudge Thrower is coming along nicely :) Good to see!!! And i ofcourse want a complete recap when you've killed lots of greenskins with it :D