Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Warhammer: Skaven painting pt. 2

What I really loathe about painting rank and file-troops is the fact that you can feel so overwhelmingly productive, and yet have so little to show off from it. After all, there is a certain limit as to how many times one can take a snapshot of 25 clan rats, shouting “IO! BEHOLD!”
Combine this fact with my current ownership of 200 clannies, and you might start to see my point of view.  I’ve found it to be beneficial to paint around 20 of them at a time (which can easily take a night’s work) and thereafter proceed to something more interesting, like a rogre og something from a different army.
I’ve kept my Warriors of Chaos-models around for this very reason, even though I despise the army itself.
Coming up next will be the dwarf-army. In that way, I go from alternating between painting small, slim people and big fat people, to just painting small fat people.
And a god damn gun. Or five.
I have to admit, I’m a whore for war-machines. Several of my friends are into heavy magic usage or highly armored juggernaut-heroes. I’m more for the toys than the boys.

Yes, that’s what she said, I know.
I never was much for magic, which tends to reflect itself in my lack of motivation regarding magic phases. I really just wish to blast something and get it over with, moving on to what I tend to term “Clan Skryre-phase”. In the opposing player’s magic-phase, I deep inside want to spam dispel scrolls and dices, so I can get on laying the smackdown on them.
As a lot of friends have told me; “That sounds like dwarf-talk to me!”
Moving on to the Underempire:

The Warp Lightning Cannon has always been a personal favorite of mine, despite its tendency to detonate, and spin around while blasting half of my army into oblivion. This is more or less portrayed by the engineer having wretched off the handle already. Whereas this tendency has led to several episodes of shouting and cursing, at many other times, a well aimed S10 small template has indeed saved the day. Such acceptances are a natural part of the mercurial nature of the Skaven.

Just as lethal and potentially more random is the Warp Fire Thrower.  I tend to compare this Weapon-Team with getting severely drunk Saturday night, waking up in the gutter and vomiting on an old lady in the bus. I can make this comparison justifiably as I’ve done it. Once.
The major point being that you swear never ever to do it again.
Of course you’ll be out there at it again the week after. Whether it’s vodka or a S5 template ignoring armor save, able to fire into melee. And when you (like me) roll your 11th misfire (true story) in a battle, and your weapon team storms into your jezzails, screaming in terror before they explode…you pretty much swear to yourself; never, ever again.

That’s why I own three of them, of course. I am certain that NEXT time; they’ll all make it through.

Skaven-players tend to be split about the usage of plague monks. They were the first skavens I ever bought, so naturally they hold a dear place in my heart. Back then the choice was mostly based on style. After all, there is so much to love about monks spreading plague. Game-wise I’m still a bit on the fence. Monks are a bit more expensive than clannies and certainly more than slaves. I can’t imagine them being that great as a hammer-regiment due to their low strength, and once they lose a round of combat they really seem to sink below value, compared to, say, Vermins with a banner. Their toughness 4 seem nice, but the lack of armor makes me think twice about using them as an anvil, compared to a solid mass of slaves or clannies with shields. On the other hand, I’ve been hearing good stuff about monks with a plague furnace. I also have an idea that they might work out fine against huge packs of weak infantry, such as skeletons or goblins, if you need to tear them down fast.
I suppose I’m still a bit on the fence, though mostly I end up sticking to clannies, slaves for anvil and rogres, vermins and a-bombs for hammer. I’ve had a great love for monks, censer-bearers, jezzails and globadiers, but they tend to rarely show up on my list.
There’s also a picture of 75 clan rats. But you’ve seen it all before, really.

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