Monday, July 18, 2011

Warhammer: Been busy and such

Compared to the majority of last week, it's been kinda slow in here recently. I'm well aware of this, and have nothing but a humble apology to offer. I've been out, helping some people here and there, and just got home this evening. And I'm frankly feeling busted, and just want to game some Sam & Max, once I'm done with the most important stuff.

I do, however, have this great update of my recently painted Plaugewind Mortar-team.
I'm frankly quite happy about most of it, though the front-mask annoys me. I want to become better at painting leather, so consider this another step towards it.

Sadly the camera did kill some of the great glow-effect. I usually loathe that statement. 'My camera/scanner/lightening in my apartment totally ruined my picture, so that's why it looks shit!", but there are desperate times, even for me, I assume.

Either way, this model looks really good on the table, especially viewed from a distance. So at least it's half-good, I assume : )

Have a nice day and evening, to your all!

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

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