Friday, July 1, 2011

Warhammer: Why am I doing this, again?

Please click me for the real size in which you can actually see something.

I'm not really sure...

Despite it all, it was pretty much time to do an update on how much of my Skavens were still unpainted, and the result was somewhat surprising. We're talking a couple of weapon teams and about 70 clan rats and we're basically good to go. Ofc. I still need another cannon, two rogres and somewhere I have another warlord hiding. Small stuff.
I should perhaps add that this is not the total count. I have around 200 slaves scattered around (dwarves) that I simply didn't bother to put up. I'd also imagine they'd take up the majority of the spacing.

The shot isn't that awesome for an army-view, I know. My camera is decent, but it's not awesome. I imagine that once it's all over and painted, I'll contact some friends with some great terrain and someone with a camera made for that sort of thing. Wide lens, or whatever they call it.
The lightnening isn't optimal either. This was taken at 2:30 AM, but internal clocks are notoriously hard to change.

Enough about the excuses, though. It's time to celebrate this moment, and enjoy the much doom to come to the man-things.
Whether that be my opponent or my own troops.

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