Thursday, September 29, 2011

More news about 'Legend of Grimrock'

Hello again, everyone.

It’s been some time, I admit, since I last gave sound. The reason (among others) being that I’ve been busy finally finding a decent breeder for my sweet, lovely hedgehog Mr. Tanglefoot. More news will be heading in your direction once I know more, but don’t expect anything before late-October.

In the meantime I want to follow up a bit on my previous article about Legend of Grimrock ( since I found some additional information today. recently posted an interview with developer Juho Salila about what we can expect to see in the game.

For your convenience, here is the TLDR-version:

-         Legend of Grimrock IS indeed inspired by such old games as Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder and Lands of Lore. It seems like we should expect an emphasis on tactical party-based decisions and shined up puzzles, bringing us back to that challenging old-school atmosphere. Exactly how much this will resemble Eye of the Beholder is yet unknown.
-         One of the monsters will be the arcane Goromorg. A creature that somehow seems to be the operator (caretaker?) of the devious devices in Mount Grimrock.
-         LoG will appeal to new players by providing a refreshing new way of playing, compared to modern RPG’s. Mostly through the use of mind bending puzzles and tactical combat above button-smashing.
-         Whereas we shouldn’t expect to see many secret monsters there certainly will be plenty of secret areas for us to find which encourages replay. Some of these secret areas contain major rewards.
-         The game will currently be released for PC, MAC and IOS.
-         Although progress is being made every day there is no guarantee of either an alpha or a beta. No dates are, in general, given.
-         The UI will likely be polished up a lot more than we know from Eye of the Beholder. In addition it will likely be possible to utilize customization by creating shortcuts and the switching of various panels.
-         Mods will be allowed to some degree. The idea is to release a level editor at a bare minimum after launch, but the customization of portraits might be a later option.
-         There are plenty of ideas for later DLC so we should definitely expect to see that. The pricing is still unknown.
-         Finally some minor advice is given to those of you out there, wishing to start out a game on your own.

Well, I’m still excited!

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