Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Warhammer: Building a forest

From a fountain to something a bit simpler, my collection of terrain has surely been without something as vital as a forest. The most obvious reason for this is that I’m having trouble making trees that actually look like trees. Until that happens, I've simply bought them. For the same reason this is more a show off than a guide.
But hey, we’re all allowed to brag a bit. Right?

Hope you enjoy it.

First and foremost;  I wanted to have a forest able to house fighting regiments. I therefore made sure to hit the proper size, by measuring out a template around a horde regiment. This might seem like an overkill, but since I mostly play the Skavens I considered it to be a great idea.

I cut the polystyrene into the form of a small hill. Thereafter I cut out a larger platform to be beneath. In my case I decided for an elevated forest, but it’s certainly viable to make it more leveled. Sandpaper is great for this, in general.

Both were painted scorched brown. Or simply use an acrylic dark brown paint. Leave to dry over 12 hours.

Trees were then glued on with ordinary P.V.A. glue. You can find a lot of these either in a local hobby store (they often have them in stores dealing in model trains and the like). Otherwise they’re in abundance on E-Bay.

Glue is then applied liberally, followed by grass.
Once done you’re free to apply various details, such as tiny pinecones, rocks, fallen branches and moss. On my pictures the glue is still pretty obvious, but once dry it’s barely noticeable.

The glory of this forest is that it can be placed on the board, and if fighting is to take place in there, or in case some regiments enter, you can simply remove the top part. Or, if you want a smaller forest, just place the upper half.

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