Thursday, October 13, 2011

Warhammer: Building a Doomflayer

I’d be lying if I said the recent painting-project wasn’t about to kill me in the end. So I decided to go for something different, not necessarily simpler.

I’ve had a long running project that I wished to finish but somehow couldn’t since that particular creative spark wasn’t really there. It was one of those that suddenly struck me the other day when I was out shopping with my girlfriend and she pointed out those cute, tiny graters. I’m a moron in a kitchen so I obviously have no clue what they’re used for, but they sure did seem…Skaven’ish.

Additionally I’ve been on the lookout for an alternative to the official GW Doomflayer-model. Not because I dislike their version (in truth it looks great) but investing money in it seemed like a big step. Especially because I never play with the Doomflayer. Some people have scorned me for this, saying I ought to give it a try. Others are, not surprisingly, in the exact opposite camp.

Since creative solutions have never been all that alien to me I decided to embark on another journey of hobbyism. After all, how hard could making a Doomflayer be?

The grater seemed like the perfect solution. It’s one of those elements in the kitchen that are really downright brutal once you think about it. Plus, it reminds me of cheese. And rats. Even though it’s likely a common misconception that rats like cheese. But fuck it.

The original draft sought to first and foremost encapsulate the madness of the rat men. It worked out decently but also needed a lot more attention.

The abomination project took over not long after, leaving the Doomflayer on the shelf for several weeks. It was the other night when my girlfriend and I started talking about the oh-so-famous phrase “They see me rollin’” things got up to speed. No pun intended.

It seemed really obvious to make a true ‘gangzta-rat’ driving his car around the battlefield. It did. And in the same line of though, naturally  he would’ve pimped his ride as far as he could possibly get away with.

In the end I tore apart the prototype and started over. Instead of the usual greenstuff spam I glued on the wheels and started designing the basic layout.
The final result ended up like this:

(click to enlarge)

 The driver is a part from the Hellpit Abomination. I made his bandana from greenstuff. Same counts for his dices that hang from basic wire that was later glued on.

The rest is really just various parts I found. The hard thing was to restrict myself so I wouldn’t make the model ‘too busy’ to look at. The unfortunate snotlings were just old models. The dragon-head is from a dwarven-model (frankly can’t remember which one) and the lightning and warpstone from a warp lightning cannon. The “stick it to the man!” antenna I’m pretty sure is from a zombie-regiment. All it took was gently bending the fingers.

I also considered having a marauder head on a spike as well as a stereo or some other bling. Eventually the rat will have a tiny golden chain around his neck.

It’s obviously one of those models that were more fun to make than actually play with. It will likely find a place among the other results on the shelf and maybe if time is right, he will actually go for a ride.

Now it’s back to the core troops of which I have around 50 left. Then a few weapon teams and two heroes, and my Skaven army is basically done.
Of course, I’m still considering painting my slaves in more unified colours. But that is for another time…

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