Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm still alive!

I tend to loathe this kind of post, but I am going for it nonetheless.
I just want to say that, yes. I am still alive and kicking. The avid reader has likely noticed a slight decrease in posts since July, and the only thing I can say about it; I’m sorry. Like so many other bloggers writing the same thing – Life has been really busy lately, and I wish I could write a whole lot more than I currently do.
What I really hate about this kind of post is that, you can’t really use it for anything. It’s like putting your blog on life support. In a way, it’s like begging (in my optic) for readers not to forsake you, but keep checking in every day for updates. So I want to come clean with you with some info about what to expect and not to expect in the near future.
My current situation is that I’m about to start in a new job in just a week. It’s a whole new clinic, whole new patients and it’s no exaggeration to say that I have to travel…for some distance. Two and a half hour each way. That’s five hours in a bus per day ~ 25 hours drive each week. Luckily I’ve found someone to drive with, bringing it down to only one hour most days. Such is the burden of limited experience within your field. It will certainly provide me with plenty of opportunity to ponder upon subjects and PNP. Initially it's for half a year and then we'll see what happens.
The people there seem really nice, however, and whereas the place is new; the method isn’t. I’ve got some experience with this group (anxiety patients) from previous work. I therefore hope to find at least some reprieve amidst madness to keep you guys updated on my childish life.
I’ve also become ‘father’ of a tiny, African hedgehog named Mr. Tanglefoot. This has taken up a surprisingly large amount of time, getting him adjusted, bonding, and fretting out in the extreme as soon as he as much as sneezes at the wrong time. Parental hysteria, you know. On the other hand, I love the little guy so insanely much, and the great news is that he’s grown a lot closer to me during the last weeks. I never knew Handle Animal was a class skill for me.

Mr. Tanglefoot
And then there is Skyrim. You might’ve heard of it. It’s going around these days. I was frankly almost going to write a nice review of it. But a lot of people have done so already, and I pretty much agree with them. This game is friggin near perfect. I love it. Whereas I found Morrowind to be an okay game and Oblivion so-and-so; Skyrim takes home the grand medallion. Seriously, give this game a chance if you’re into RPG’s.
I'm so popular in Skyrim that even Mudcrabs come to my aid

There is also Christmas coming. Somewhere in the near future.
I’ve been busy painting more Warhammer lately. For a while I totally lost interest, but it’s resurfacing. I’ve started collecting my fourth army; Dark Elf. Expect to see more on this subject as I grow and learn.
Additionally, I’ve made sure to keep my weekly Pathfinder group going and I WILL do my very best to provide you guys with updates on their journey, likely every Thursday or so. We play every Wednesday, so some time around there. Carrion Crown is an awesome, awesome adventure path, and even though my players have just begun, I think it will be very interesting to see them progress. Due to time I will have to keep them rather short and leave out most side quests, though.
Articles and essays will likely take the biggest punch for now. I still need to catch up on a lot of stuff, such as the continuation of D&D Romances and The Gm'ing and Music-guide, but these really take a lot of time. Whereas "Project Orgrimmar - Gold Never Sleeps" was really fun and "A Healer's Journey" was beyond inspiring, I’ve left WoW alone for quite some time now. That’s a whole other explanation, but whether I continue those articles purely depends on me returning to the game or not. Don’t expect miracles in this department, sadly. The thing is; when making gold started becoming boring, it was a sign to stop. I feel that I’ve had my time in WoW for now. I’m not excited about MoP at all (and neither hating it, mind you).
I will try to jot down thoughts about new games I play, of course.
In other words; things are pretty much floating in Limbo as it is. December is always hard. Time will tell how much I’ll get around doing, and till then I only ask of you to have some patience with me. Trust me when I say that I’m doing the best I can!

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