Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

So, this was it. Christmas Eve. I'd like to say that this year I wasn't surprised at how fast it passed us by but sadly this isn't the case. Once again, I'm left wondering, late at night, how quickly this whole ordeal is over with and how absurd it somehow seems once you start comparing it to the immense buildup.

And I'm actually one of those people who have it easy. I'm from a really small family, and even when I add in my girlfriend, gift-shopping is pretty much over and done in just a couple of hours. While I'm not exactly made of money, I do try to find something that I know will make the people around me happy, which did result in a prolonged expedition to town this year. Not that I complained one bit. I love this time of year.

Thus we finally woke up on the 24th of December. This very special day. I know a majority of you save this pleasure for the 25th in fact, but it's not essential for this blog. The point is; it's over so fast. I woke up, ate breakfast in good company and shuffled around for a bit, decorating the tree. Then it's all of a sudden time for church, a thing I haven't done in several years but decided to try out this time, and it's home to watch the mandatory Disney.
I'd be lying again if I said I didn't care much for the food. A passion I'm certainly not alone with, but once again you notice how fast time flies once you get to the table and dig in. Especially during good conversation.
The following opening of gifts is of course pure awesomeness. As I wrote in the previous blog, I become a child again around Christmas. This also means that I do give a damn about presents and that I make sure people know what makes me happy. Feel free to scold me for 'missing the point', 'being ignorant' and 'making Jesus cry'. I don't care.

And then, it's over. You're sitting by yourself, or with the people you love, and you wonder what really happened to all of it so fast. It's such a unique feeling which is never encountered besides today. Silent and precious. It always makes me want to turn back time and relive today all over, enjoy its good parts once again, perhaps some of those I originally missed. I mean, I could say the same for some of December, if I could go back a week and relive it without work. Thing is, once your job starts booking so much time, you don't notice the Christmas spirit all that much till you actually sit down and allow yourself to be immersed in it. And once it finally gets through, it's suddenly over.
It's a strange world that way.

So all in all, gifts weren't bad at all!
On the Warhammer-front I had two Dark Elf Hydras, a package of Shades and a package of Warriors along with a sorceress. All good stuff and miniatures I am certain I am going to use later. I'll admit, I'm very happy about the Hydras as those models are a pain to get in cold cash. And I'm pretty certain I am going to need more crossbowmen than the 15 or so I've got. I also had some money that I'm sure I'll spend on the DE-armybook. I will ofc. return once I've decided for a hydra-design.

In a tecnical view I finally had my beloved Cataclysm-Mouse! Yeah, it's kinda weird, taken into consideration that I've just cancelled WoW. What's even more strange is the fact that I also got The Old Republic. But, it's a great mouse, really solid and lies extremely well in my hand. I might consider dusting off my old healer just to try it out with the 14 immense buttons.
I'm at a bit of a loss regarding TOR. I've heard a lot of stuff about server-wait times and issues on the American front. I'm considering trying it out now, but a part of me also wants to wait a bit till the worst hype has diminished. I'll have to consider this since, after all, I don't have that much time till work starts again.
I also had a dvd with the Panique au Village-movie. It's likely spelled very wrong but at present time I don't really care. Those of you who're familiar with it will likely know what I'm talking about.

And finally there's the RPG department. This one has been relatively minor this year, mostly because; I have the books I need. I'm quite new to Pathfinder so far, but since I've enforced a strict rule about the Corebook and APG being the only available books for my campaigns, the rest of the books haven't been that neccesary. So I got the Dungeon Master Guide, mostly because I've heard about a lot of good fluff-stuff in it.

And of course 6 liters of Coca Cola. Wouldn't be Christmas without it, really.

So now, I'm going to bed. I hope all my friends and those close to me had a great night and if you're one of those about to celebrate it, I urge you to enjoy every single minute of it. It's over much faster than you think : )

I'll be back some time in the near future. Untill then; Take care, everyone.

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