Thursday, December 22, 2011

WoW: Some things you likely didn't know

In this season of Christmas it's always good to look forward as well as back, and for the sake of nostalgia I found this very long but also very interesting article on MMOChampion. Some of you might already know it, but in my optic it's certainly worth sharing:

Some things you didn't know about World of Warcraft

Some of my personal favorites:
-You weren't able to see buffs on enemy players, but Mages had "Detect Magic" spell.
-Eviscerate had a base damage that didn't scale at all, so a naked rogue would hit the same as a full T3 rogue. (Oh, do I remember this one...)-Many players think that the worst quest in Vanilla was "Deep Ocean, Vast Sea...", because the breath timer was only 60 seconds and Murlocs could move through walls.
-Recently, in the Ulduar patch, a GM accidentally mailed a player with Martin Fury. That is an artifact level shirt that has a "on use" effect that one shots everything. He used it to one shot Malygos, and couple of bosses in Ulduar. People noticed on his statistics tab that he had an abysmally high "Highest hit ever" number, and he got a permanent ban shortly after.
-There is an NPC next to Haris Pilton in Shattrath City (Ricole Nichie), that is only viewable by priests who have Eye of Divinity equipped.
-In alpha, there was a "profession" called "Survival Skills". It was used for making campfires (which can now be made with cooking) and torches.
-Those torches were used for scouting. Back than, the graphic engine was a bit different. Darker areas, such as Duskwood, were really "dark" and you couldn't see anything past 20-30 yards in front of you. Torches were used to increase visibility in those darker areas. Many NPC's in Duskwood still hold torches in their hands.
-The most overpowered class ever in WoW was Retribution Paladin during the first 24 hours of Patch 3.01 (the one with WotLK talents at level 70). Divine Storm dealt holy damage, and they could do bubble + avenging wrath, with bubble not reducing damage by 50%. Best 24 hours in my life.
-Not directly related to the game, but shortly after TBC was released, and caused massive shaman nerfs, the shaman community had a massive outcry on the forums. The CM called Tseric had a job to moderate the forums, and after going insane from all the whining, he started to ban ANYONE who posted on the shaman forums (no matter what you posted). He was fired from Blizzard shortly after that.
-Each time a Shaman did a talent respec from Enhancement, he lost all weapon skill with Two-Handed Maces/Axes, because they were a talent in the enhancement tree.

 It also includes some old pictures of the game, such as:

And several more. I recommend checking it out, at least for the fun of it : )


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