Thursday, January 19, 2012

20 Days of WoW Blogging - Day 1+2 - Introduce yourself and the blog

At times I decide to do strange things for no apparent reason. Starting a blog about WoW about a month after writing ANOTHER blog about it being time to leave the game seems to be one of them for sure.
But I have good reason.

I suppose the real stupid thing, once we get down to it, was actually renewing the account a month later, but I also have a very valid reason for that as well. You see; it's not (only) about TOR being somewhat a disappointment, I basically saw that coming some miles away.
The story behind the decision would be the fact that this Christmas, something magical happened. I got my official WoW-Cataclysm mouse. If you know what I'm talking about, you're aware that this is one sexy mouse and I've had my eyes on it for years. But despite it being high on my list for birthdays and Christmas, it never happened and I abandoned all hope. In a sense, I think a lot of people didn't understand why on earth someone would need so many buttons on such an expensive mouse.


So it happened, my greedy little hands unwrapped the gift and there it was. Shining from its box, all metally and awesome. I originally tried it with TOR, but I had to be brutally honest with myself: I always wanted this mouse for WoW. Always.
My ex had it and used it a lot for healing and it seemed so much easier. I also heard that a lot of DPS classes benefited from it. All in all, there is no friggin point in having such an expensive mouse laying around and not play the game it was intended for. Period.

And so, being the writer that I am, I decided to start on a fresh. When I noticed this writing-challenge on DeviouslyDev’s blog, I thought I might as well give it a go. With my previous attempts at 'A Healer's Journey' and 'Orgrimmar - Gold never sleeps' I've actually been missing writing about WoW. Somehow I could never get into the spirit with TOR.

So /who am I?
I'm Maynard, psychologist and owner of the geeky site Negativethac0. Besides from my love of Warhammer, D&D and hedgehogs, I'm a WoW-addict.

Why? - Simple, it's my most used facial expression when gaming, really.
I began playing the game in its early beta in 2004, back in which I started as a night elf priest. The game was, to put it lightly, pretty unstable and didn't really feature that much back then. I lived in the UK for some time before heading home and rejoining Azeroth that had now been officially released.

As I've described more thoroughly in other posts, I was mainly active in Vanilla and The Burning Crusade, in which I raided as a rogue and a warlock respectively. I got to see the first encounters of the original Naxxramas and stopped at Sunwell in TBC. From thereon I've been somewhat on and off the game for various projects, going to see the new Naxx and experiencing the new ZG in Cata (which is nowhere near as fun as the raid-zone). I take pleasure in leveling characters, mostly due to the game's unrestrictive demands of you. Compared to earlier days, leveling can now be done rather fast and in a steady pace that doesn't demand as much strategizing as usual.

I've been in various guilds in my time, from the bleeding edge raiders to the pure social mental cases. During TBC I GM'ed our own guild consisting of pure real life friends, but I've put that responsibility behind me for now. I don't want WoW to be a restrain on my time, but something I can enjoy and relax to when I'm not with clients.

I've always been in love with the DPS-classes, mostly because they are the hardest group to excel in, as I see it. I did healing and very little tanking, which mostly seemed like you either got it or you didn't. With so many DPS'ers, of which several are morons, making yourself stand out and be preferred above the rest is the ultimate kick.

With the return to Cata as it is, I am currently running on my (second) mage 'Brunchofdoom' (Silvermoon, EU, Ally) simply because...well, mages are awesome. My rogue is retired after long and faithful duty, among which is the 'Insane in the Membrane' FOS. I used to be very fond of Warlocks, but in the end I figured that the way I wanted to play them was really made for mages. So there.
And fire all the way, of course.

My char-name originates from the CCG 'The Spoils'
If you aren't familiar with it, you should be.

You honestly expect to complete this?
No idea, I love writing, and as long as my work allows it, I prefer to sit down and write every day. Whereas the Healing-project went very well, it also ended before the real meat; the Cataclysm experience. Mostly because I didn't like the change of healing-style everything took. I've got no idea whether that has changed now, to be honest, but I really liked being able to keep the group up, almost carrying them trough. Cata certainly didn't intend for me to do so. I know a lot of people are happy about this, and I share their joy, truly.

Project Orgrimmar (basically, see how much gold I can make if I really bother) might actually go on and be rebooted as 'Stormwind - Gold never AFKs' if I like Silvermoon so much I'll move my money makers there (and faction change them, We'll see. For now, this is a blog meant to do some writing about WoW, once again.

Let's hope the best.
Oh yeah, if you think this is going to be updated on a day-to-day basis, I'll have to say no. I'll do my best to keep it up to date, of course. But no promises.

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