Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Dark Elf additions!

Following up on another project of mine, and something else than D&D for a short notice, is my current status on the Dark Elf-project. As some of you may remember, I was blessed with some minis this Christmas, and I’ve finally managed to get some of them painted. I did a sneak peak of some of them in my New Year speech  but then again, they bear repeating.
First, and perhaps most important, I’ve got the impression that no Dark Elf army is really complete without hydras.  Likely why my mother gave me two of them. I really like having a family that appreciates the nerdy values of life.
The thing is, I now own two of the old lead-models. Anyone out there sharing my situation/pain are likely groaning now. Why, you might ask? Because assembling these fucks is pure masochism. Trust me when I say; I’ve done my share of swearing and cursing over Warhammer-assemblies, among the most notorious culprits are the Skaven Doomwheel and the Hellpit Abomination. But these guys got NOTHING on the lead based hydra. Even Dark Elf Executioners whose swords are pretty much ungluable, I managed to get through with less fuss.
For the first time in history, I encountered picking up part of a model, hurling it through the room screaming ‘Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!’. It wasn’t pleasant. Neither the first nor the second time.
I ended up using a special kind of glue, it’s really rough stuff, and ironically I can’t even remember its name. Write me if you’re interested and I can check up.
The point being, I painted this model first in individual components and then glued two on for each day, as the glue had to settle for 24 hours (at which point it basically turns into plastic, it’s really awesome). Of course, some of the heads don’t fit one, single, friggin, bit. As in, at all and you start wondering whether you’ve made a mistake. So there was plenty of filing and adjusting to do, before I reached something slightly acceptable. Sadly the glue also made the beast really shiny in some places, and in the end I had to repaint certain parts of it, so it didn’t look too amateurish.

It took about a week before this was all done. Not counting in the handlers, I really hate painting handlers. Be it Skaven or Dark Elves. No idea why, but often I feel like spending so much energy on the monster / rat ogres that the handlers just have to stay in the back and be anonymous.
With one hydra left to go, I’ve decided to put it away for the time being and return to it later. I don’t have many upcoming games, really, and I need a wee bit more minis before I can accept playing a DE-army. Whereas 90% of all people go for the classical green theme (me included), I really want the next one to be grey-white sort of. A bit inspired by the Rock Hydra from Magic the Gathering (truth to be told, the picture for that one is some old shit, it’s mainly because I love the card).
Coming up next is one of my favorites; The Black Guard. I bought 10 of these to begin with, but will need another 10. These guy sure took long enough, even when I began painting them at a proper speed. Two in a night was about as much as I could hope for.
I mainly used this great guide: Here! for painting Dark Elves: as it was just what I intended for my army to be. Dark, silver, purple and gold (yes, it’s so unoriginal for a Dark Elf army, I know).The banner still needs some kind of white rune or symbol on it, but I’ll wait till I’ve bought the army book and come up with something nice.

I’m happy with how these turned out. They are a bit more shiny on the picture than in reality, in which I’ve wanted to point out their significance by the bling and bright looks. Needless to say, I look forward to see the regiment I’ve spent about 14 nights on getting smashed to pieces by a hell-cannon in one turn. That’s Warhammer for you.
I also had another package of warriors. Not really sure whether I should turn them into crossbow men or use them as ordinary melee fighters. I already have a regiment of crossbowmen, so the question is – how many archery units does an army need? Until I’m clarified, I’d better leave them in the package. Either way, I will need some fodder for sacrificial dagger, and I do like the spear and board-look.
Speaking of sacrificial dagger, an important piece was also finished the other day; The hawt sorceress. This was also my first painting of a finecast model, and I’ve got to say, whether it’s placebo or not, I felt a difference. The details are much smoother to work with, the assembly extremely simple and, well, it just seemed a whole lot easier. I was even tempted to do something I usually never do; paint eyes. I hate that and myself for hating it, as I could get there if only I had the patience to train. Thing is, I always feel like going into a trance whenever I slooooowly move the brush over such a tiny area, and it feels more like luck whenever it succeeds.

So I got lucky. Twice, even. The first set of eyes mysteriously got rubbed off ( ?? ) so I had to redo them. And I’m happy with them. I’ll be honest, this is taken from the optimal angle. Rotate her a bit and you’ll see her right eye is *slightly* out of proportion with the first. But not much and certainly nothing you’d notice on the game table. So all in all, I’m happy.
Also, it only took around six hours to finish her.
Coming up next, I’ve decided to finish the rest of my 50 men strong Skaven slave regiment. Shouldn’t take that long, so I can move on to either my shades or general.
Stay tuned!

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