Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 05 - Your favourite item(s)

Now, this is actually a really weird question, come to think of it. Especially in a game that mostly centers around the premise of simply laying hands on the best you can get and leave what’s left behind. Additionally, ‘favourite’ is such a broad term that can be measured in raw power, utility or merely fun. I therefore decided to just go along with some items that immediately sprang to my mind.
Some people love ‘em, some people hate them. But at least they’re only for those of us who just can’t get enough of that gnome-staring. I really like the idea with these goggles, and for those of you who’ve never encountered them before the explanation is really quite simple. It turns everyone into gnomes. While somewhat tiring in the long run, there is just some relief equipping them around raid time or merely in a capital.
At the same time, it does become somewhat hard to say anything else but that.
Mirren’s Drinking Hat
Not only does it look pimp as hell, but it conjures up drinks. I mean, what’s not to like?
I really wish it was possible to transmog current headpieces into this, while also gaining its special ability. I had so much fun during TBC having this on my warlock (well, as much fun as this can possibly lead to) and likely skipped a couple of better headpieces in order to keep it.
Val’anyr – Hammer of the Ancient Kings
Coming from someone who’s never even been to Ulduar this might seem quite odd. But I suppose it has something to do with its awesome name (admitted, it’s what I really wish I’d named my paladin). I remember reading up a lot on this, even though I didn’t heal all that much back then. In a way, I imagine Val’anyr was what made me think into the healing-role originally, likely from some delusion of grandeur. Of course I’d have it, right?
Besides from that, it really looks awesome. I love its graphical design and how it reeks with power.
Tahret Dynasty Mallet
Well, granted, this is all due to the quest. It’s an awesome, awesome one. Maybe it’s the sound, maybe it’s the sheer hilarity of it. It works wonders and I still find myself coming back to Uldum just to do this quest from time to time. Still asking myself; why is this still funny?
A rare thing happened last night. I ended up in a friendly PUG-group. We did Halls of Origination together and it’s literally been ages since I last spent time in any of the Cata dungeons, so we took it nice and slow. Yeah, we bummed up some times, but we got the last boss and our justice points, so things were good. We pretty much sucked on the last boss because we were too busy chilling around and in the end the tank left. It happens.
We sat around talking for a bit, and as usual the old topic of ‘Things were so much better in the old days’ came up. WoW-players love talking about how things were better in the old days, when Stormwind was made of gold and TBC as the second coming. We can spend ages doing so.
Whereas nothing in life is purely satirical (as in; TBC was as close to the second coming as it could possibly get, I’m not ashamed to admit that) we began discussing the hallmark we missed the most from the days back then. And we pretty much agreed on the ‘full clad epic player in the middle of Iron Forge’ topic.
I remember in vanilla, when you’d see players in full T2 or extremely rarely, T3. Especially rogues and paladins always caught my eye, because their sets were so GOD DAMN hot. I remember always stopping up, drooling over it for a bit, and then move on in my faithful shadowcraft armor.
Perhaps that’s why I ended up going raiding insane. I wouldn’t stop until I finally achieved that Bloodfang set. Bloodfang looked no less than fucking bad ass, and perhaps with the exception of Dreadnaught, I am yet to see any set top it.
At the time of writing, my rogue got his hands on only the hood, leggings, bracers, gloves and boots. Shoulders and chest never dropped for me, and to this day I’m still sad about it.  But did it bring me plenty of fame anyway? Oh yes. Auto-invites to pretty much everything my guild did back then. The times when epics meant something.
We might get to see it again, some day.
In another life.
When we’re both pandas.

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