Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 06 – Your workplace/desk (photo and/or description)

(Photo will be incoming very soon)
Moving on with some of the more unusual questions, today we address the fifth question in the ongoing WoW: 20 day blogging challenge; my workplace. In a way I suppose it's related to WoW and then again it also borders the more personal aspect of who I am. Which, I assume, is not a bad thing per se. Except some of you might not find it all that interesting really.

The thing is, my workstation is pretty much what you'd expect from a man with my interests. Additionally, it doesn't even change that much. As in, at all. I truly began living on my own back around 2005, discounting the years I spent in high school and living abroad, and ever since my nerdy workplace has been my most valued sanctum. One that nobody ever fucks with at all.

The transition from student to post graduate didn't change this fact much, except I got a bit more space now that I'm actually earning something resembling money. Back then it was basically a very old table with a computer and some posters on it.

Now it's pretty much the same table, but with added shelves and a bigger wall upon which I can hang my stuff.
Of course you need to get down into the details before valuing it truly. I've therefore decided to do a snapshot of its current status.

What you'll first and foremost notice, is likely the chair or the cage. The chair is the easiest to describe. I got it four years ago from a dumpster (of a former psychologist, actually) who'd apparently decided to throw it out. Since it would be such a shame to throw away a sexy chair like that and the fact that garbage-snatching isn't illegal in my country, I decided to take it home with me. Originally there were in fact two, but when I returned, the second one was gone. Either someone had the same brilliant idea, or someone wore really small shoes.
I absolutely love this chair, and there is barely nothing I haven't done in it (yes, even that). For the same reason it's not going out till it dies in a horrible explosion of attrition.

The cage is the home of Mr. Tanglefoot, my hedgehog. It's originally made for hamsters, I think, but even small hedgies need much of space to trudge around in. I prefer to keep him close to me, so I can listen and watch him playing, plus it gets him accustomed to my presence.

Going closer, we find my beloved treasure - the computer. I've no idea how old this thing is by now, but I'm still damn proud of it. It's not the newest equipment available, but I'm yet to find a game it has trouble pulling.
On the top of the machine you'll see plenty of small pieces of foam, filler and green stuff. Terrain pieces in the making. I usually work on terrain in the summer and take a break during winter. Mostly because it can be extremely messy. Next to that is a little box in which I keep the Warhammer minis that aren't really that mini and thus won't fit into the suitcase. Models such as the hydra, abomination and the Doomwheel go in here. I also tend to store unopened Warhammer packages on top of the machine.

To the left there is a pile of minis; a dwarf army. I love the dwarves and they're likely up for painting as soon as I'm through with the Dark Elves. Till then, I'm having one hell of a time deciding where to put them. So for now, it's one huge mess, some of them are even scattered all over my shelves.
In the middle and to the right there is paint. Lots of it. The old fashioned GW-array, mostly I keep whatever I'm needing standing around there. It really looks messy but it's actually way smarter than unpacking it from the suitcase every time. Behind it, usually on the top of the printer, I keep whatever paint project I'm currently working on. The borders of Warhammer and PC gaming have grown stronger of late, since I now own a WoW-Mouse (one of those with way too many buttons). I don't really want to get terrain material and glue too near it, so most times I take some time separating the two before starting work.

Below the table is the giant suitcase containing all the painted miniatures. Also, I keep an old computer around for spare parts and testing.

On the shelves you'll first and foremost notice that most of them are basically filled to the brink. I've had to rearrange a lot of the books as some of them simply came crashing down due to weight problems. I therefore keep most of my RPG-books at the bottom, which mostly involve Pathfinder, World of Darkness and the immense collection from my D&D 3.5 days.
Moving up there is a collection of Dragon Magazines and my currently playing adventure path (Carrion Crown in this time of writing). Of course there is also what I've labeled the 'Warhammer Shelf' in which everything Warhammer I don't know what to do with ends up.

From thereon it's really just stuff for reading. I've kept some old books from my childhood and some I like to go over from time to time. Mostly I'm into the English fantasy-series 'Discworld' by Terry Pratchett. At the top is all my games and music from when those things actually came on a physical platform. The memories, indeed. I don't expect I'll ever get to use them again, but they make for good show.

On the wall in front of me, just about everything gets posted. Mostly it's drawings made by my sister (since she's so good at it, naturally) and other times it's strategies I need to memorize in Warhammer, such as the dwarven shooting-prioritizing. A lot of space has also been dedicated to a small RPG museum of maps from former campaigns. This is something I'd really love to do in full one day, as I have way too many maps for this wall.

It's also worth noticing that behind the table an old homemade gaffa-warhammer can be found, which is my last memory of my LARP-days. On top of the shelf there is also my favorite hat (sadly too small to be worn now), a tiny box with my dearest possessions and a box of Descent - Journeys in the dark. That has been used only once. There's also a very beautiful leather whip somewhere.

And that, I think, is about it.

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