Thursday, February 23, 2012

Descent: Giants

Next in the line of Descent miniatures is the Giant. In fact there are two of them, and usually I’d aim for a photo of them side by side. I’ll have to admit, though, that this fucker gave me a lot of trouble and I imagine it’s due to a latent hatred of this monster. I’m pretty certain that giants have killed me more than any other creature in Descent: Road to Legend, perhaps with the exception of Gold Skeletons.

He turned out to be much more cartoonish at first, even though I wanted him to be a bit grimdark initiatlly. I had to repaint the entire upper body, and even in this case I don’t like how his flesh turned out. There is too much of it, and I wasn’t really skilled enough to layer it sufficiently. So it had to work with a simple layering on the outer points, and that’s it. Pretty much the entire model gave me shit, so I don’t think I’ll ever return to it. Even the blood turned out feeble.
For the same reason, the base is purely experimental. I made some mushrooms and bricks in greenstuff and added a tiny running river. This I’m quite happy with. The healing potion (yes, it’s a potion) is…well, experimental. They aren’t even red in Descent.
I can’t be bothered by it anymore. After all, Descent doesn’t hold the same standards of miniature standards as Warhammer, in my eyes. As long as they look good in the brief time they’re on the table, I’m happy. Sort of like painting the D&D miniatures.
Coming up next: Hellhounds, I imagine.

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