Friday, March 23, 2012

Carrion Crown: A short intermission and reflection

The last couple of weeks have been busy, I'm not going to lie about that. The blog speaks for itself in this regard, seeing that Carrion Crown has pretty much been the only thing updated around here. Not a small feat in itself, I might add, judging alone from the sheer length of these posts. I've often wondered whether I'm cutting my own throat by writing so thorough posts about the five adventurers' journeys in Ustalav, but then on the other hand it just wouldn't seem right otherwise.
There are a lot of Carrion Crown blogs out there, but I'm surprised at how many start out right and dramatically stops updating a few sessions into Harrowstone.
Well, perhaps I'm not THAT surprised, come to think of it, as I've been in enough ambitious PnP-groups to know a lot of stuff begins with good intention and the sky as the limit, and suddenly trivial obstacles such as reality, school, work and kids come in the way. It's no secret to those who know me that I loathe that kind of gaming, perhaps because I'm so alienated to those concepts. I think that's the reason why I always end up as the GM.

It's sad to see, however, that a very small number of published blogs on Carrion Crown make it to Trial of the Beast (granted, Google and Obsidian Portal constitute most of my empirical data) and as good as none to Broken Moon. I imagine, with my group moving swiftly towards Wake of the Watcher this Wednesday, this will only become ever more apparent.
In a sense we're also blessed compared to other groups, as we're able to play every Wednesday for almost five hours. None of us have or care much for family (or, counting for a few of them, homework) meaning we'll swiftly get into the game and progress quite far.

The other day it occurred to me that by googling Carrion Crown Blog, mine is the fifth-top-hit. It crept around fourth for a while. While I am in no way sure of the mechanics behind this, I'm happy and also surprised to see that happen. Mostly surprised because I honestly don't think it's that good. No mandatory modesty here, at all. It's just me writing stuff about what we play, extensively. I don't even follow the full set of rules.

Still, it seemed fit to throw a little notice up about our current campaign and its direction. My players are having, I assume, a good time with CC. There is a good spirit so far, even with the few, minor issues we've encountered so far. Truth to be told, CC has issues I'd like to see addressed. They are minor, but there.
There has been a lot of confusion about the current gear-level so far and the rather slim droppings of loot even as they approach 9th level. I’m not entirely dismissive towards this point, but I do believe much of CC was designed around the notion of having at least one crafter in the party. Which my group has neglected. There are plenty of small, insubstantial towns that make shopping hard, meaning the heroes are currently hoarding some amount of gold to spend once they approach civilization once more.
Character deaths have been an issue. There are some devious encounters in CC and sometimes my players think with their asses. Counting in Restoration spells to remove negative levels from death, they've roughly burned 42.000 gold on raises, halfway through the campaign.

We're still going strong here, and I look forward to bring you the next update this Wednesday, in which the heroes will likely have a showdown in the ghost town of Feldgrau against the vile necromancer. From thereon it's all Lovecraft, tentacles and phtagn...or whatever you people like to call it. It will be glorious.

We've been looking into the future as well, once the final showdown is over and they're through the sixth book. There has been some talking about a shiny place to the south, in which blazing deserts and alluring mirages lay.
There is said to wait a legacy, made of fire.

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