Friday, March 23, 2012

Dark Elf Blackguards - final product

Not everything recently has been centered around Carrion Crown. In fact, this day I did manage to finish my Dark Elf Blackguards, purely thanks to hangovers.
I do make it sound so easy, though. I should add that I’ve been working on and off with this project for more than a month, partially because I bought them in stages. Around halfway through I also decided they turned out too purple, and instead painted them much darker. And I like how it turned out.
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I stick to a really classical Dark Elf theme. Black, metal, purple and gold. Perhaps not original but I love the composition in them. I do believe my approach changed over time, but usually those are the main colors I used, along with plenty of black wash. There is surprisingly little skin on these guys, and since I prefer tanned elves I stuck to the usual Tallarn flesh with ogryn flesh, highlighted with increasing amounts of elf flesh. Some people like them pale but to that I have no advice. They just start looking like a bunch of goth freaks, in my opinion.
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I’m still having the usual issues with metal-figures (chipping, pieces that match like hell) but this is one of those regiments that really gets some force behind it, as you handle it around with its sheer heavy weight. As I intend to field an additional unit of Blackguards, if points allow so, I’ll likely get my hands on more of them soon. Although I’m certainly in no rush doing so, like the painting of the second hydra.
For now, they’re looking good on the shelf. Hoping to take them into battle very soon.

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