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Day 08 -10 Things we don't know about you (in WoW)

It’s been far too long since I last updated the ongoing WoW Blogging Challenge, in which we have arrived at the eight day out of 20. Better late than never, I suppose. So without further ado, let’s rush right into it and address today’s challenge:

10 Things We Don’t Know About Maynard

Since this is first and foremost a WoW-challenge, I find it reasonable to keep the perspective on the game, even though there are plenty of things none of you know about me, the majority of which I’d prefer only to share with a very selected few.

So let’s dive in.

  • I did half of ‘Insane in the Membrane’ on one character, then switched to another one and restarted, then returned to the original character and completed it.
I did Insane, yes. It was a living hell, nightmare on earth to say the least. But I did it, and it’s still resting happily on my rogue. I might add; I did it back when the Shen’Dralar was still a requirement, and beyond doubt they were the fucking worst part of this ordeal. Closely followed by the Darkmoon grind, perhaps.

Only with Hordes around to see it...
Thing is, halfway through I reconsidered and decided I’d much rather want it on my warlock, so I switched over, grinded to honored with the bloodsails and began on Diremaul. I quickly realized how immensely, obnoxiously stupid this was at the time and decided to return to the rogue. Sadly, this left my warlock pretty unpopular with the goblin-cities, meaning I had to take a whole session to grind him back in neutral standing once more. I truthfully felt…really stupid.

  • In TBC, when I raided Karazhan and began playing a Destro-Lock, I passed or DE’ed all gear with +hit on it as I thought hit wasn’t necessary for destroy locks.
Starting on a new class and not giving a rat’s ass about reading up on it is horrible. I actually believe my relatively low dps on bosses was a bump on our progressive road all along, just because I was such a noob. I’m not proud of this at all, but there; it’s out.

  • Speaking of Karazhan, after a whole night of wiping on Shade of Aran (ah yes, the memories) I ended up shouting on TS that the next dumb fuck to move in flame wreath would be instantly kicked from the raid. Guess who that dumb fuck was?

I made sure to stay really, really quiet. Sadly, one of our healers noticed and blackmailed me severely for keeping her mouth shut. It cost me some hundred gold, but I believe my secret was safe. As you can see, Karazhan wasn’t really my strongest raid.

  • In real life I’m a psychologist, work with people every day as well as in groups and individual therapy. I attend parties and plenty of social events, yet in online games I border social anxiety, especially when healing.
As some of you might have noticed in my previous blogs, I’ve had great issues with anxiety since I shifted from mainly DPS’ing to healing. That is sad, because I love healing and yet there is a part of me that objects violently through physiological means whenever I sit down to do it. As I’ve described in my project on ‘A healer’s journey’ I’ve gotten a lot of it under control by continuous exposure and cognitive methods, but even to this day I can feel my heart racing a bit and stinging in the chest whenever I hit the ‘Looking for Dungeon’ tool. I have no idea why this is so, but I’ll likely never evade it completely.

  • I used to be a guild master for 25 people back in TBC.
Being in charge of raid-leaders, class officers and DKP-management is fun to a certain degree. Sadly, in the long run, it tends to end up wearing you down if you don’t know how to distribute responsibility properly. That, and the fact that back then WoW didn’t offer small raids as it does today, meaning it became progressively harder to gather people.

  • My all time favorite fight is against Kael in Tempest Keep. I shed a tear the first night we downed him.
In fact, so did everyone in the raid. Our raid leader literally cried and sobbed for several minutes afterwards, and I understand why. It’s such a glorious and complicated fight, and by the hell did we earn that victory after so much pressure and training.
We gambled and lost for a month.
  • In vanilla, I maxed fishing on four characters.
YES I KNOW! Damn it! I was level 60, I needed the fish!

  • During ‘Wrath of the Lich King’ the ONLY raiding I EVER saw was Naxx, and only ONCE!
This is usually when people look at me in shock. But it’s true. I went through Naxx once with my guild back then, it then disbanded shortly after, and I frankly have no idea how I managed to avoid finding another raiding guild back then. Or, what the hell I actually DID in Wrath? Lots of instances, I remember and standing, crafting, making money. But I’ve never seen Ulduar, Trial or ICC. I suppose that if I someday find a nice guild wanting to go back on a nostalgia rush, I’ll gladly hook up. But till then these places remain a mystery to me.

  • I’ve often been tempted to ‘buy’ gear or gold, but never have.
There is a fine line between tempted and doing, and I’ve never tried purchasing virtual WoW-Goods with real life money, simply because it goes against my principles. That being said, I’ve often considered how easier it would actually be. Most of it originates from Vanilla, when the top raiding guild on our server arranged trips to Black Wing Lair and sold loot along the way for ingame gold. I remember participating in one of such, and of course plenty of Bloodfang Armor dropped. I didn’t sit well with my own guild, though, who was at the time only in Molten Core, even though my original intention was to improve my play through upgraded gear. Whether they were right to think so or not is beyond the point. I’m simply concluding that I’ve heard that call and the temptation, but likely never would utilize such possibilities.

  • When it comes to trading and making money, I’m a god damn bastard.
One of my favorite stunts is the classical usage of Auctioneer to scan the neutral auction house in very, very short intervals, sniping people trying to transfer items across factions for ridiculously low amounts of gold. Before any of you go berserk, this method has been validated by Blizzard as legit (otherwise I wouldn’t be doing it, and certainly not telling anyone about it). It’s simply through the use of the ever popular add-on Auctioneer. You spot a cheap transfer, you snipe it for a very low amount and become a happy camper.
Back in the days it was certainly possible to get crusader orbs and expensive cloths for no money. You would snipe them instantly, and as you emptied your mailbox people would FLAME you (with good reason) for nicking their precious items. I usually told them the morale; don’t transfer in a stupid way, at least elevate the price. Often it ended up as “Lol reported u nub!!” with no further consequences. At other times I’d have threats and one guy even begged me to return the cloth as his young son needed them for his priest. I frankly didn’t believe him one bit, but whether he was right or not; it was a bargain for me. Was his son really crying that night?
Who knows?
And a filthy little part of me enjoys this immensely. Some people would leave angry mails to me about how much of a “haxx lol!” I was. It kind of grew on me.

So there you have it. 10 things you likely didn’t know about my WoW-Life. Stay tuned for the next update!

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