Friday, April 6, 2012

About Me

I’ve always hated that little Blogspot-box you could add out in the right margin of the page, in which you could make a short description of yourself. So I ended up deleting it and instead decided to include a short post of…meeeee….

  •  Internet Name: Maynard (inspired from Brother Maynard).
  •  Age: 30
  •  Interests: Psychology (as I’m a psychologist, duh), Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer Fantasy, PC-gaming and the occasional book or movie. Oh, and I own a pet hedgehog called ‘Mr. Tanglefoot’.
  •  1 Word Personality Description: Passionate

  •  Color: Purple, Indigo, Black and Blue. I generally love colors.
  •  Food: Mediterranean, Mexican, Italian, Greek
  •  Drink: When gaming or rolling dices; cold beers. When socializing; rum and coke.
  •  Music: Soundtracks, Techno, Trance, Easy listening (I get along with pretty much all music, except rap).
  •  Musical Artists: Gorillaz, Enya, Lady Gaga, Equilibrium, Avantasia, Pet Shop Boys.
  •  Movie: Batman Begins, and pretty much everything else by Nolan.
  •  TV Show: House MD. I don’t watch a lot of TV.
  •  Book: The Dark Elf (Drizzt)-books
  •  Quote: Follow him who seeks the truth. Beware of him who claims to have found it.  

Nerdy Trivia
  • RPG-System: Pathfinder
  • Favorite class: Wizard
  • World of Darkness setting: Hunter or Mage
  • World of Warcraft: Since beta
  • Warhammer: Skaven, Vampire Counts, Dark Elf, Dwarves, Warriors of Chaos
  • Magic the Gathering: Blue/Black Stasis back in the days
  • Diablo: Sorcerer / Necromancer / Barbarian


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