Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 09 – Your first blog post

Hi, everyone and happy April. Hope you all made the transaction without too many casualties to its initial pranks. I haven’t even thought of doing any myself as I’m mostly one of those types that bury themselves with staunch defiance for 24 hours. I assume it has something to do with the year I actually fell for one of Blizzard’s announcements, which one I am not going to reveal.

What I do have is another easy entry in the 20 days of wow-blogging challenge. This time around we’re looking back into the past, at the very first blog post I wrote. It would be wrong to say; as in ever. My absolutely first blog post was likely back in 2001 and quite irrelevant to just about anything.  On NegativeThac0, however, where everything is relevant; my first post dates back to March 2011.

 Back then, I originally started NegativeThac0 purely as a campaign journal of our ongoing Dungeons and Dragons campaign. It was simply something that occurred to me one night as I was walking home from session, thinking there were so many details and experiences I didn’t want to forget once it was all over. 

For those of you not into D&D or tabletop roleplay, I can best describe it as the collective story I told with four friends every Wednesday night. It took more than a year to complete, as we began from the very first level and made our way to the top through 12 chapters of adventure. Savage Tide is a long campaign, some part of it massively better than the rest, and in a way I wanted to take notes along the way. Even though we ended up sidetracking like idiots, it was still great fun.

Back then I wrote a lot. No, really, a LOT. Check some of them out for yourself. This was when I started blogging and couldn’t get into the whole restricting-business. I’m still lousy at it, but at least I often keep it under five pages by now. I’m frankly in doubt how many people actually read those reviews on my blog as they are downright MASSIVE. And to add insult to injury, I didn’t even get to finish it. My ST journal ends abruptly in the middle of chapter 3, at the climax nonetheless, as I suddenly lost interest and began writing more about Warhammer. Now when I look back, I remember so very little of that campaign and attempting to jot anything down would likely be very general and likely flawed. Besides, I’m way busy with my current Carrion Crown-campaign.

I imagine I might just come back to ST some time and write some very brief impressions and comments on chapter 4 to 12. I definitely remember liking chapter 4 and 5 a lot; pretty much everything that went on in Farshore and on the Isle of Dread (Hell, I still have the poster map of Isle of Dread hanging at my workstation). The ancient temple city seemed okay as well, whereas the underground realm of Golismorga (or something like that) seemed a bit lackluster and from the heroes set foot in Scuttlecove I pretty much think the campaign goes into a downright spiral. It’s not a horrible spiral, mind you. In the Shackled City-horrible way. But I’ll admit that Carrion Crown is superior in just about every single way.

As we’ll begin our ‘Legacy of Fire’ campaign next, be prepared to see this as the next upcoming journal and really, don’t hold your breath for Savage Tide. It will be there, yes, in the Duke Nukem Forever sort of way. Long overdue and far from as deep as you’d hoped for.
Coming up next is some of my favorite web-sites. 

Stay tuned.

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