Friday, April 6, 2012

Day 10 – Blog/Website favourites

I’ve been looking forward to this day, especially because I’m addicted to making lists. There, I said it. And part of me isn’t even quite sure how many sites I’m going to mention here, so let’s get right at it. For your convenience, I’ve divided them into various categories, as far from all of my favorite blogs/websites are about WoW.

However, since this IS a challenge related to World of Warcraft, I suppose we should start there.

Favorite WoW-Related sites:

The land of Odd by Vrykerion

LOO is frankly right there in the middle of most things geeky, but it especially pertains to WoW and the MMO-culture in general. It touches upon other games such as ToR and comes up with some really interesting ideas and considerations, when it’s not dabbling various photoshopped panoramas. Which only adds tremendously to the fun, I might add.

LOO was one of the first blogs I ever came into contact with, when I started on Twitter barely a year ago, and I’ve been an avid follower ever since. Mostly because I’ve always thought its author (who’s a nice and polite guy, btw.) has a gift for being serious about humor and vice versa. It’s not something you encounter that much. In addition, what I value above pretty much…well, almost, anything else is people sticking to their virtues and passion, no matter how geeky they may seem.
As you approach my age it gets more and more common to see friends (virtual as well as made out of real flesh) forsake gaming/fantasy and the accompanying, almost childish, enthusiasm. The little things that never make you doubt that this is something important that sparkles a light in their eyes. That which makes us happy, no matter how geeky/childish other people might perceive it.
I do get this feeling when reading entries on LOO. The author seems passionate and into the stuff he’s doing. He likes it and takes his time doing it right, which is felt between the lines. He should do more videos as well.

That, and he has a really cool hat. Nothing to argue with there, to be honest.

Magely Machinations by Deviouslydev

Dev is the hostess of another great WoW-site, the one which originally inspired me for this 20-days challenge. Of course there is nothing patented in that, since more than one site had this idea in the first place. Nonetheless, there is still good reason for visiting her blog that is still young and has room for many more well written articles.

Whereas LOO is the chaotic aspect, MM features solid, laidback opinions, tales and stories to read. The author has been in the game for some time and it shows in the articles, which are all well written in a fluent and comfortable language. Something that may seem initially strange to point out, but after all this is the internet we’re comparing it to.

Though she’s falling behind me on the challenge (which of course indicates me being the one with way too much time on my hands) the posts she’s done so far are really good and you should go check them out. There is a certain joy and happiness between her lines, and they just keep making me smile.

Guarded by the Light by Miri

Whenever I tell people about my preferred WoW-Blogs I usually get the question “Why aren’t you following X? It’s just like Y, but better!”. The truth is, not surprisingly, that WoW has spawned one of the most vocal communities of all times, with so many blogs being written, so many podcasts being…podded… and so many opinions being shared. Not all as elegantly as one could hope, I might add.
It therefore often boils down to a ‘because I said so, that’s why!’ argument with said people, but on the other hand there are a few sites which I’ll happily label “Because they’re so good”. I believe GbtL is one of them. 

Art by Rades
Miri was another twitter-account I followed quite early on and I’ve been a big fan of her writing, which is often oriented towards raids. Those who know me in WoW are aware that I’m pretty much on and off with the game, ever since the launch of Wrath as I never found a good guild to raid with. This, however, hasn’t stopped me in keeping up to date with the current raid progression from the sidelines, which is why I like GbtL. It’s a personal elaboration about encounters, but also some very accurate and interesting considerations about various aspects of WoW.

I often have a little beef with newer WoW-blogs from authors who began around middle-Wrath and speak of ‘the old days’. Regarding GbtL, the author has been in the game for as long as I have (seven years) and it shows.  There are many interesting considerations and small remarks/reminders that make me think ‘ah yes, I remember that’ with a smile on my lips.  I suppose it’s always good to see a fellow-veteran.

Everything is very elegantly written with a nice flow, making it a welcoming read. The blog is also updated often, so if you aren’t already, you should check it out.

Favorite D&D-Related sites:
There really aren’t many to speak of here. Partly because more and more sites center around 4th edition (which I don’t play) and the obvious fact that it’s a jungle to sort them out. There are tons of pages and blogs out there, some of them definitely worth their salt more than others.

In a general perspective, I tend to visit sites such as The Angry DM ( simply because posters with an edge are more fun. But there has to be a clear message and point, otherwise it won’t hold my interest for long. There are some interesting ideas and thoughts on this site, especially regarding the ever growing DnDNext.

I suppose I would know of more sites were I in fact keen on the upcoming release of D&D. But in all honesty, my group has grown fat and content (okay, perhaps only content) with Pathfinder. I miss the old Dungeon magazine and its trusty follower Dragon, though.

Favorite Warhammer (fantasy)-Related sites:

This will be mostly namedropping, to be honest. Everyone will have their own favorites, so no reason to go into too much detail.

I love the Skaven. Of the four Fantasy-armies I own, they are beyond doubt my favorites. Besides being a high-tier army there is an undeniable charm to the little rat-people and their uncanny ability to blow things/each other up.  For those of you wanting to know more or simply improving your game, this is a good place to go.
There has been some talk about the WH: Fantasy community seeing a drop in players over the last years, which could explain the drop in activity I’ve encountered in there (or I might just be seeing things, I just get the impression that 1½ year ago the place was much more lively). Still, there is nifty stuff going on in there, and compared to some of the other armies’ sites it’s actually sprawling.

Bringer of Victory (General, Dark Elf)

I stumbled upon this blog by coincidence but I’ve had a good time reading up on some of the Dark Elf tactics he provides, as he seems to know a lot about them. There is also some 40K stuff there, which I don’t play. Yet. There are also some really good articles in general, which are certainly worth checking out.

The rest and the funny/unclassified:

The Angry Joe Show:

Pretty much for videogames and nothing else. But he does a damn good job in his videos.

The Nostalgia Critic

Same, but for movies. I believe quite a lot of people know of this guy.

The Spoony Experiment

Some good stuff, about movies, games and gaming in general. Most of the old material is worth watching, especially the SWAT-videos and the rather long (but worthwhile) play through of Phantasmagoria 2.

Stay tuned for the next update, in which we’re going to discuss my bad habits and flaws.


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