Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 12 – A usual day in your life/online time

We're swiftly heading towards the end of the 20-day blogging challenge on this day, the 12th, in which we'll discuss a typical day in my life/online time.
In this regard it's interesting to notice how the challenge slightly deviates from the original WoW-centered theme and instead take on a more general aspect. This is just as well, I might add, as at the current type of writing I'm not active in World of Warcraft but instead look forward to the hellish horizon of Diablo 3.
I do, however, find it more than fair to include examples from both fronts, so this is what you'll get.
So let's start out with the most relevant section, my life as it is.

I work at a hospital, around the middle of Denmark, and have some traveltime in between, so I usually get up around 6 in the morning in order to check in around 8. I like my silent free time during the morning, in which I have the chance to wake up, eat and read comics. Yes, I have an obsessive need to read comics during breakfast, especially Donald Duck, otherwise the day will quickly turn very sour.

Upon arriving at the hospital, my nerd-genes immediately set in and I usually buy a soda early on (yes, I hear the puritans out there screaming. You can run along now. Nothing new to see here). It's quite important it's cold, otherwise I have hell of a time waking up. For the same reason I rarely schedule patients before 9, as I can be a really slow waker, some days.

I specifically work in a clinic for anxiety-treatment and exactly how my day is structured varies greatly, as some are really hard and others barely involve anything but meetings. My general responsibility lies within individual treatment (with cognitive behavioral therapy), group treatment and participating in the planning of upcoming initiatives. It's a solid work in which I have a great influence on my processes and schedule. Needless to say, it also pays in more ways than cold, hard cash.

It's not unusual that I'm home around nine hours later, a time which I am fond of calling ”real life”. I usually get some kind of supper, albeit I'm not the type that eat much, before heading on with whatever project I have currently on my desk. It usually falls within the Warhammer, Pathfinder og PC-gaming category; it truly depends on what's popular. At this time of writing I'm in the process of painting my Vampire Counts-army, so tonight will likely consist of Corpse Cart painting.

Of course there is also the blogging. I find some time to do this in my breaks at work; other times it really needs to be done from home, especially due to time restrains and technical aspects of, say, videos.
I'm notoriously bad at getting to bed as well. Hardly a huge surprise for my kind of people, but it bears repeating. In this regard I mean; seriously, notoriously bad. We're not talking the casual 15 minutes here and there, herp derp. No; I mean hours. Literally hours. It's not that uncommon that I go to bed three or four hours before getting up for work again. It is therefore with good reason that, should you ever have the chance to meet me, you'll notice how tired I look most of the time. That's just things working as intended. I count on this to go on till the day I drop. As I'm anyway going to sleep the majority of my life away as I get older, I intend to push myself to the limit when I have the energy.

And on the following day it all goes on.
There are of course the special days, which are still typical in the sense they are recurring on a weekly basis, or so. Wednesdays are always Pathfinder nights, in which we work hard to complete Carrion Crown at the moment. It's not a massive session, but we usually do manage to play for just about five'ish hours a week, which is fine by me. I've heard other groups are struggling to play five hours a month.
Then once a month, usually there is Warhammer gatherings.

On a typical day off, I generally just start from ”real life” and do that all day. I feel best concentrating getting one thing done rather than distributing my energy across several projects. Also, I catch up on the missing sleep, sometimes meaning I sleep 11-12 hours in a row. Life is great.

Regarding the online-life, I never really had much structure whenever I logged on to WoW, although I do remember often grinding on one time at the time. Such as getting my motorbike or the Insane in the Membrane achievement. I usually felt that I truly needed a grand purpose for logging on, otherwise I just derped around in the capital cities doing nothing. Perhaps this is also one of the reasons for my prolonged absence. I remember when being in a guild, I'd often log in some hours in advance to farm soul shards (remember, when they were items that went into your inventory?) and mats for the raid. Usually I ended up grinding way more than needed since I knew some people would inevitabely forget. I do get altruistic at times, I suppose.
I've never been good at daily quests at all. I wish it was so, but even at the start of Cata, in which I forced them upon myself, I broke down (almost) sobbing in the end by the mere thought of another Deepholme sweep.

This day it's pretty much the grown-up routine whenever I log on to the net. The facebook, e-mail, twitter and the few communities I participate in. I have a tendency to keep them all open at the same time, which is a massive time-consumer, and yet I'm a sucker for prying on other people. They will just have to deal with the fact.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 11 - Your worst habits and flaws

Moving on with the programme we enter the 11th day of this blogging-challenge, which carries the headline ”Bad habits and flaws”. I admit I had some reservation about this one, not out of fear of revelations but due to unawareness. Ask just about anyone I know and they'll certainlt agree on some of my flaws, whereas others (mysef included) will likely present an entirely different picture.
So for this very reason, what you get is my person opinion about things that make me a lesser person. It won't necesarily be pretty, and far from all are related to WoW.

1) Unforgiving
 One thing pretty much everyone agrees upon is my uncanny talent for carrying a grudge. I don't deny it. In fact, you can pretty much point out any name in my social circle and I will be able to name at least one incidence in which I felt wronged by them. Sometimes this is nothing more than verbal ammo gathering dust in the far recesses of the mind, for the day we're going to have a gunfight of blame. At other times I make absolutely sure to mention it as often as possible, often through sarcasm, just in order to piss people off. I take downright childish delight in this.

In continuation of this I am also very prone to anger turned inwards. I'm pretty sure I could pack a punch or take it out physically, but it's too primitive in my book. Instead it tends to become a fuel-source for psychic terror, ridicoule and patronizing, which will likely run amok if I don't catch myself in time. This has a tendency (hardly surprising) to tick off a lot of people around me and at its peak it was quite isolating for me.
I'd remember everything, you have to understand. If I invited you to an arrangement, I'd remember if you left early. If you threw shit at me or my girlfriend, I'd remember it for later. If you smashed me up in a board game turn 1, for no apparent reason, I'd remember in years to come.
Contrary to most belief, this doesn't spring from an evil mechanism or a desire to hurt other people per se. I've always had a brillian mind with a knack for remembering even the strangest of things. It's ironic to say that I have great trouble memorizing bigger and more important aspects of life, such as birthdays, appointments and whether I've done some quite crucial tasks, such as filling out my taxes and so on.
In these modern days it waxes and wanes, mostly being on the good side. But it's certain that people around me might be forgiven but they're never forgotten.

2) Passionate
Is passion a flaw? Well, if you're like me and combine it with the attentionspan of a kitten with ADHD then yeah. One thing is alternating between various interests, but once you start putting serious effort into it at the same time you stand against a serious risk of burning out.

I have a lot of hobbies, it would be fair to say the majority of my waking time (which is a lot) is spent on these. Then start dividing these into sub-domains and there you go. If you still aren't convinced, just imagine how it's like having a couple of free hours one night and chosing between playing warhammer (of which I have four armies, three currently unpainted with about 100 minis in all waiting, also still condering the fifth and starting out 40K), playing computer games (of which I have 15+ games laying in wait to be finished, including titles as Legend of Grimrock, LA Noire, Skyrim, Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect 1+2+3, Amnesia, the Sam&Max series, the new Monkey Island series and of course we have Diablo 3 on the horizon). WoW is a whole chapter in itself (with a mage, warlock, rogue, paladin and druid already on max level and five alts on their way, and my tendency to often go 'YEAH this shall be my new main!!' every now and then) battling The Old Republic in which I really want to try out both the Sith Inquisitor story, the Bounty Hunter Story and also the Smuggler. Oh, and the Jedi. Yeah. On the other hand I could also keep on building my terrainpieces for wargames, of which I have plenty of material laying around just waiting to get started. Or put some of my already existing armies on magnetic bases. I also need to read up on the Carrion Crown-campaign for next session, perhaps even create some of those sidequests I love so much. In addition, I've also taken a huge interest in reading fiction, and started the Dark Elf books, and there are five Discworld books that really need finishing soon, so that might be viable as well.

And did I mention I'm also in the process of writing a book? Yes?

And we're just getting into it by now. Then suddenly it's no mystery why I some times spend up to half an hour staring blankly into the air whenever I have free time to do whatever I want. It often boggles me all down, almost stuns me, with so many options and so little time. It stresses the hell out of me and I wish I could limit my spectrum of interests just by one little bit.

3) Obsessed
 They say it's a psychologist-trait, but fact is; I'm much more inclined to find you interesting for conversation or friendship if 'you're not slightly right'. Certainly you don't have to mad in order to know me (but it helps-ha-ha-ha) but I thrive with quirky people. Experienced people. Those who have seen Life and its bleaker sides and have some stories to tell.

I'd like to click with the average man/woman, really. We'd sit around in the weekend from 18 to 22, talk about our jobs, how much we earn and what car we're going to buy next. And what our children are now doing for a living and how much money they are earning. You know, the things people talk about. Being able to participate with something else than 'Oh yeah, I saw the new Empire models at the store,yesterday. Seriously, those War-griphons look so BAD ASS, don'tcha think?'. Or; 'The other night, my party was THAT close to a TPK when the cleric did the most amazing stunt!'.

”I wonder what other people are doing when I'm having sex? Do they stare blankly into the wall, thinking about how their life feels empty and devoid of adventure and fantasy?”

It's never going to happen. They bore me and I bore them, it's for the common best, trust me.
I've often mused that I'll likely end up dying alone, surrounded by nothing but my Warhammer-Armies. In that case it will be a grand sight to behold. I hope they will play 'Imperial March' at my funeral.