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Day 13 – People (players/bloggers) that you admire

Well, we're on to day 13 in which I'm to describe people I actually admire and look up to. This is awfully similar to blogs I like and awfully similar to sounding like a drooling fanboy, so I'll make it short and do my best to cover ground quickly without showering my chosen idols with praise.

Let's get right into it.


Old Kripp, such a debated figure. It's certainly not coincidental he tags his tweet-videos with ”No Life Kripparrian” as he's just about one of the most hardcore Diablo 3 players you'll find out there. Some people nuture a serious antagonism towards this guy (but hey, it's the god damn internet, what did you expect?) but nonetheless he was a huge source of inspiration to me with his barbarian videos. The guy has some serious gear and can likely get away with whatever he wants build-wise but compared to a lot of asses on the web, I like him for his calm demeanor. Watching him splatter on a well played character on HC and taking it like a man absolutely earned him my respect. So did listening to his advice on how to improve the more or less disappointment that is Diablo 3, even though Blizzard will likely never take any of it to heart.

I don't care whether he's only taking his deaths like a man because he has people farming for him. I don't care whatever people might throw at him, accuse him for in regards of exploits. Honestly, very few people have the right to throw the first stone in this regard.
If you're a barbarian in Diablo 3, definitely check him out on youtube.

Noah 'Spoony' Antwiler

If you've been following this dude for the past few weeks you'll be aware of the accompanying drama regarding him and a wholesome handful of people from CA. I've been following Spoony for years and I'll gladly admit that his best videos (SWAT 4, Phantasmagoria 2, Dragon Strike among others) are some of, if not the, most hilarious I've seen on the web. Followed closely, but never surpassed, by other great names as The Nostalgia Critic and Angry Joe. Even though the quality of his work (and, some would argue, his personal health) has been declining of late, I'm still sticking to him, but not necessarily his behavior. People tend to mix up these two way too much.

As of late, the gaming-culture has been exploding with discussions/debates about rape. I get it.It's bad. Frankly, I'm getting more and more fed up hearing about it. Sadly, a lot of things broke in regards to Spoony and his stunt, and while things in a perfect world would have involved one single apology and no aftermath of any kind, it sadly didn't happen. I don't see the need to go ranting about it any further, unlike other names on the web.

I hope for Spoony that his departure from CA will bring back some of his old identity and style; that we will see more riffs and Let's Plays (because in my book, this is where he truly shines). I still sit down and put on the entire Let's Play of Phantasmagoria 2, when doing Warhammer Painting Marathons. So I'm staying and am frankly fed up hearing about this whole episode.

Oh, and I heard that, Curtis.

Jim Sterling

I only began listening to the Jimquisition some weeks ago but so far I'm having a blast. The guy is snarky, ironic, sharp and plays music from Final Fantasy 9. What more could you possibly want?
Well, he hates EA-games. He's a born winner in my book.
Slightly contradicting myself in regards to my boredom of listening to rape-essays, Jim does make valid points and even well-argued to boot about the subject in one of his newest videos. If sarcasm is really your thing, you better give this guy a try.

Jervis Johnson

Think what you will of Games Workshop. Say they're capitalist pigs who overprize their products to exploit the poor consumer with no viable alternatives. Part of this might be true, part of this might not. Notably, the part in which we acknowledge that more and more alternatives are popping up around the net with significantly cheaper prizing than you'll ever find at GW.
But Jervis will always be the guy that makes me smile and buy a White Dwarf Magazine every now and then. Why? Because he is the grand old man and yet he's a child in his own way. I've loved his issues of Standard-bearer for quite a while, some of them I even replied to. One single case had a reply back, acknowledging my article on Psychology and Losing in Warhammer. It was a blast.

While I have never, ever met the guy (which I hope I will, eventually) in my illusionary world this is a man who plays and still finds the fun in what he's doing. Some of the most important traits to look for in developers withint our genre of interests. After all, we're all children. Yes, we are. Shut up. Rationalize all you want; what most of us do is to sit down and play and have a good time. And there is nothing shameful in that. We should therefore honor the people in this not (only) for the money but also for the passion. I think we've seen way too many examples of lacking passion among developers in various sub-groups of geekdom.

Keep on rolling dice, Jervis. Don't worry, one day I'll play you and you'll win, I guarantee.

John Bowser

Right, so this is going to be absolutely random, but John Bowser deserves a spot on this list, especially because I want something D&D-related on it. John doesn't even know of his position here (not that any of the other people do, come to think of it) but he's neither especially famous or anything. He just wrote the AD&D scenario Killing Orcs and Kissing Babies (googleableish), the first prewritten scenario I was happy about running as a GM. The others felt hollow, stupid or didn't really feel good or interesting. But this small adventure inspired me to begin writing my own story, plots and how I could tell a story as great as this.

Looking at it now, it's quite standard and yet there is some good thinking to be found. If you can convert it, it's a lovely little adventure for any side questing group. So dear John, thanks for the inspirational kick. Sad we never got to see anything more from your side.

No WoW?
There frankly aren't any people in the WoW community I look up to. I used to think Kungen was somewhat noticeable (frankly, how the hell couldn't he be?) but I can't think of any other person or player worth mentioning. I used to feel about Chris Metzen as I do about Jervis Johnson, but frankly I've come to realize I only notice him because I want his job. Sad, but true.

That's it for now. Be back later with the next chapter.

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