Friday, June 29, 2012

Have a nice Pathfinder-Summer!

Just a small heads-up!
The Pathfinder – Carrion Crown group has officially gone on Summer vacation for the next 14 days (that means we won’t be playing again till the 18th of July). So till then, don’t expect to see many news within this domain. I will of course do my best to come up with some alternative essays and the like to keep things going.

In general, Ashes at Dawn has been at a reaaalllyy slow crawl due to all our side-questing and in general hasn’t been a very interesting chapter so far. I imagine that’s why we tend to always find something else to spend time on. The group is about halfway through the story, so I imagine we’ll be rather quick to wrap it up once we get back in business.
Till then, have fun and take care!

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