Monday, July 2, 2012

Terror... Terror... Terrorgheist.

So the time finally came in which I got around finishing the Terrorgheist for the Vampire Counts. It took a wholesome weekend, pretty much working around five-six hours a day and a certain amount of forced dedication. I’ve always had a love-hate relationship to the big bad evil monsters as, on one hand, they’re impressive with tons of details and should by law be the centerpiece of your army. On the other hand, they have tons of details and are by law the centerpieces of your army, so no slacking!

I included the fucker in my first game of Counts and he worked wonders, literally blasting a regiment of trolls back into the Stone Age (double 6’es on the dice, baby!) and I’m itching to throw him against knights next.

And now he’s actually looking pretty while doing so!

I suppose I should make the disclaimer that this is not the official Terrorgheist assembly. Actually, it’s a hybrid zombie-dragon used as a gheist, modded to resemble a Frost Wyrm. Confusing, I know.
As usual I’m terrible at making painting guides for this, barely taking pictures along the way. So I’ll try and do my best for a make-do guide how I painted him.

Step 1:
Assemble main body with the legs. Leave wings and the two headpieces separate.
I made some eyes in the otherwise empty sockets with greenstuff.
The horns I cut from the kit and glued on reversed. It’s quite easy.
Undercoat black.
Drybrush all flesh with Regal Blue, then Codex Grey followed by Fortress Grey. This counts for the skin on the wings too and the hanging pieces of flesh from the back.
Wash with black.

Carefully highlight the edges with Fortress Grey. If it becomes too bright, wash and repeat. The legs have very little blue on them in general. You can use blue wash on the wings as well for good effect.

Step 2:
Paint everything bone with Khemri Brown, then layer with Khemri Brown+Bleached Bone (1:1) then layer with thin Bleached bone. It works wonders, really, and it’s what I used all down its spine and on the skull. If you want a really white highlight, use Skull White to finish. I did that on the skull.
Paint claws in the same way, only use Scorched Brown.
The blue marks symbolizes the frost effect and the fact that blue is the overall color-theme for my Vampire army. It starts out as Enchanted Blue, gradually build up in small stripes mixed with more and more Ice Blue. This is also how I did the eyes. You can apply blue in whatever ‘holes’ you find in the flesh. If you’re skilled you can make some great glow effects, I imagine (I’m not that skilled : D )

Step 3:
The rocks. Paint them black. Then base with Adaptus Battlegrey. Drybrush with Codex Grey, then Fortress Grey. Finish with Dheneb Stone drybrush if you want a really light stone (I didn’t).
Apply moss if you wish. Paint the skulls the same way as the bones.
I added some frost effect by making some icicles from Woodland Scenics’ product called something as original as ‘C1212’. It’s really easy to work with, like a thick glue that starts out white and can be molded into shape. After 24 hours it becomes clear and rubbery, beyond doubt the best product I’ve found for this purpose.

And then it’s pure base work from there on.

And so we move on towards our next challenge; the necromancers and the incorporeals. Look forward to the next update, and hope you’re all having a great summer!

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