Friday, April 12, 2013

Gardening gnomes, Google and Fantasy.

 Today, the lovely people over at "We Do Write" posted one of the longest interviews I've participated in. The topic, of course, is my newly released comical fantasy novel "Pandegnomium". That means lot of talk about strange fantasy, ideas, gardening gnomes, geeky stuff and the strangest thing I've googled so far.

It's a really awesome interview; one I'm truly proud to be part of. Go check it out, it's a lovely site with loads of stuf to keep you entertained, and several brilliant writers to meet.

"But you asked about writing specifically; I believe the hardest thing is getting started. I mustn’t allow myself to stare at the blank page for too long, otherwise nothing happens. Just write something and things will eventually follow, sort of like getting the train up into speed.

Oh yeah, and when you’re a nerd, roleplayer, mmo-gamer and warhammer-enthusiast, it’s not like you’re short on temptations."

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