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Q&A Heureka Book 2: "Bloody Peasants"

Following a lot of questions that have been asked in regards to the second and upcoming book in the Heureka-series; “Bloody Peasants”. I’m thrilled about the interest people have shown so far, and thought it’d be great if I sat down and addressed some of the primary questions I’ve received about the book so far.
What’s “Bloody Peasants” about? Other than peasants being bloodied.
Bloody Peasants take place about a year and some months after the events in the first book, ‘Pandegnomium’. This time, we’re introduced to the two protagonists John and Dandelion, who run a cesspit of an inn down at the harbor of Khar and generally feel bitter at Life. Most of their days are spent sleeping and the nights drinking, and the story begins after Dandelion gets hammered and utters a wish to whoever (or whatever) in the universe that will provide him with a second chance in life.

The following morning a giant of a man beats down their door and introduces himself as a leprechaun out to grant Dandelion his wish. He brings a part of an old treasure map, said to lead its owner to fortune and salvation. Now, all they need to do is find the remaining parts that rest with four vile farmers…
Their perilous journey has them clashing with several opponents, especially the mysterious “Four Hoarse Men”, lead by the dangerous villain known only as “The Furor” and his paladins.
Is “Bloody Peasants” the second book of the Etnil Storyline? Will we see references/characters from ‘Pandegnomium’?
Bloody Peasants is NOT part of the Etnil Storyline; it’s meant to be read either as an independent book of the Heureka-series or included in the Etnil Storyline.  That’s certainly not to say it doesn’t add anything to the tale of the young wizard; after all it marks a rather important event in the wake of the Pandegnomium event.

Also, it establishes some of the primary antagonists in the series, so one would definitely benefit from reading it as part of the Etnil Storyline. But the thing is; this story is about Dandelion, John and their leprechaun. And how they try to break out from the hell that is their life. It didn’t feel right including it as part of Etnil’s tale.

As for recurring themes and characters, the world of Heureka plays an ever prominent part and you might get a glimpse of an old friend.

Is “Bloody Peasants” the same length as “Pandegnomium”?
At this time of editing, Bloody Peasants will likely be somewhat shorter than Pandegnomium. The story is much more definite and “from point A to B” than its predecessor. Avid roleplayers will perhaps recognize some formulas, as it’s pretty much a group of people banding together in an inn to go out on a quest.
“Pandegnomium” featured a thorough look at the characters on a psychological level; can we expect the same in “Bloody Peasants”?
Absolutely. Both Dandelion and John are two very interesting personalities, who’ve both stopped giving a damn about their life, albeit for very different reasons. Whereas Pandegnomium was to a large extent about the anxiety and insecurity in life, Bloody Peasants is more about fighting against the odds after you’ve fallen. 
I really enjoyed your pop-culture references/roleplaying references/internet references in ‘Pandegnomium, will these be in “Bloody Peasants” too?
To some extent, yes, although they’re a bit more subtle, this time around.

You say the internet, MMO’s and D&D were all sources of inspiration for “Pandegnomium”. Is this the same this time around?
Yes, although the basic premise of this story is actually inspired by an improvised D&D-adventure I played many years ago. Of course, it was a lot more silly and I’ve changed a bit. But yes, we are still in a world of fantasy, and there is still plenty of fighting and magic to go around in Bloody Peasants.
How will “Bloody Peasants” be different than “Pandegnomium”? Why didn’t you just write the second book of the Etnil Storyline?
As already mentioned the story is much more linear, seeing as we only follow one group, as compared to two in Pandegnomium. Also, I suppose I had to fall into the trap of making a second story that was more gloomy than the first; mostly because this is about introducing not only two new heroes, but also the villains of the Heureka-universe. I won’t spoil too much now, but I can say there are some dangerous people who’re really mad about what happened to The World a year ago, now wanting to strike back at Heureka.
The universe needed this story, and I thought it was great. Plus, at the time I started it, I wasn’t entirely sure what would happen to Etnil. I know that now, thanks to Bloody Peasants.
When can we buy it?
I expect it to be released on Amazon in April.

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