Monday, May 20, 2013

Dat Supreme Kommandant Irusk painting

If there is one thing I absolutely LOVE about Warmachine, it's the fact that their minis just beat the hell out of GW's in so many ways. I know, I know, I hear the shouts of protest already, but to me they've always looked better and actually felt better painting.

So far, I've only finished two jacks in my Khador army, and Sorscha. Even though I have plans about running her later on, the one who always stood out for me was Irusk. Especially because of his miniature; he has that awesome M. Bison feeling to it and he can be a beast with infantry.

Therefore, it only seemed natural to get him over and done with. Because, how long could it take, AMIRITE??


Either way;
It really was worth the effort. He's beyond doubt one of the minis I'm most proud of!


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