Sunday, May 5, 2013

Done painting the first Khador!

You know, it's been way too long since I last painted anything. Or, as a matter of fact, I have actually painted something but been out camera for a long while. So I'm making a little attempt at catching up now.

It took me around eight hours to paint this one.

I recently began playing Warmachine, because it sounded a lot more fun than Warhammer Fantasy.
And really, it is. In so many, many ways.
Of course, there are some elements that bug the hell out of me, not just because I haven't yet mastered them. You know, those little rules that seem stupid, but you still need to learn in order to be competetive. Such as gaining free movement by charging your own units and hoping for a failed charge, that sort of thing.
The game is also way more brutal than WFB. One mistake, even made by a wrong inch, can send you screaming to the losing-bin. I've lost both games I've played so far; in one of them I didn't kill a single model. It's the harsh curve of the newbie; but it felt so fun anyway. And this promises of a great game. Add in that it's a lot faster than WFB - you can easily have a game done in half an hour if you know what you do, but can always add in more models to prolong it.

I can heartily recommend Warmachine if you have the stomach for it. It has a rough learning, sure, and you will find yourself losing a lot to stupid little mistakes. But it's a game that's truly fulfilling to master.

Anyway; pictures!
I went for the Khador-faction. They're pretty much the WM-equivalent of Warriors of Chaos. Few in numbers, elite-fighting forces and boy, do they pack a punch. Most of their heavy troops hit like a train and are equally solid, combined with their awesome Russian-theme. What's not to like about that?
So here goes my very first painted Warmachine-miniature!

With a lot more to come, I hope.

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