Friday, May 10, 2013

Dragon Ogres - take two!

I posted some of the old dragon ogres a long time ago, back when my minis solely consisted of the old figures. While a lot of people I knew hated on them for their goofy appearance, I actually liked them a lot. Not enough, however, not to be thrilled by the new, exciting models released along with the new WoC book so, needless to say, I set out and decided to paint some. Perhaps even play with them.

I'll say that, yeah, they turned out okay.
Perhaps not as okay as I wanted them to; I had a very exact picture of how they ought to be, in my head. But they didn't, so I'm actually a bit disappointed. They make an okay impression when seen on the tabletop, however, so I think I'll leave them at this or perhaps see if someone will buy them.

I'm mostly up for painting Warmachine these days, anyway. I just thought I'd share these guys with you, to show I haven't forsaken WFB entirely : )

Take care!

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