Saturday, June 22, 2013

Painting Khador Widowmakers

Following the previous entry, I did actually get around to paint some more Warmachine before the new league begins this Monday! It’s more like a prototype, however, seeing as painting anymore would likely screw up my point-potential.

That being said, enjoy this Khador Widowmaker. I was somewhat inspired by what I did to the Reinholdt model, seeing as the snipers would prefer some dense foliage from which they could take their shots. I consider making every model in the unit like this; I especially imagine it could look great when they’re in a forest or something.

The procedure is pretty much the same as for Reinholdt when it comes to the leather. Scorched Brown, washed with black, then highlighted with pure Scorched Brown, increasingly adding Bleached Bone till you reach the level you want. The red is Mechrite Red, then red wash, blood red and finally blazing orange, and the black parts simple chaos black with Mechanicus Standard Gray highlight, followed by black wash.
The foliage and the tree is from Ebay; the tree is a branch from a much bigger model tree that I simply cut off and put on with green stuff.

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