Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Painting Reinholdt

It’s time to return with more news on the painting front. Compared to the previous months, I’ve been way too slow with updates on painted warmachine, which is mostly due to the upcoming new league starting in just 10 days. And I intend to rock the shit out of it by painting, mostly. Seeing as it’s the one thing I do mostly well, at least compared to gaming.

That doesn’t mean I’ve been entirely inactive, however. I’ve started out on my Warriors of Chaos Demon Prince, who’ve sadly been around (unpainted) for way too long and this week, in a spontaneous decision, I decided to pick up the exploring Gobber, Reinholdt.

Reinholdt is a mercenary character, working for Khador and Cygnar. One reason why he appeals to me is that he allows you to do some limited measuring on the battlefield, which can be an awesome aid for measurely impaired people like me. Also, he has some minor buffs for your warcaster and he only costs one point, making him a solid solution if you ever end up with that odd point out.

Painting him was a delight and a short task to boot, allowing me to also focus a bit on the base work. He’s, after all, not a character I expect to play a whole lot with.

I started out with a black undercoat, followed by pure Scorched Brown at his jacket, belt, purse and compass. His black leather and hat were painted Mechanicus Standard Gray. Everything was washed with black then.

Once dry, I highlighted the brown areas with Scorched Brown and built up the layers by adding small drops of Bleached Bone. Keeping the layers thin helps. Eventually I would end up with pure Bleached Bone on the edges of the coat.

The boots and hat were slightly highlighted by thins appliances of Standard Gray. I needed to wash them again and reapply some times before it looked right; it’s up to you how light you want it.
The compass was simple Shining Gold over the brown, washing with Reikland Fleshshade and highlighting with Shining Gold again. Same principle with the metal, using Boltgon Metal, black wash, and highlighting again.

The flesh was the easiest. Paint it all Sunburst Yellow and then was thoroughly with Thraka Green. I just gave it one wash, but you can give it two if you wish for a more true, green visage. Or highlight with yellow, if you want it more yellow. It’s insanely simple and looks great, in my opinion.

The base is pure Brown Battleground from “Army Painter” with some of the grass and flowers on top. While it doesn’t show that well, he IS standing over a small puddle of water, which I created purely with hobby glue. The tree in the background is in fact a branch I removed from one of the miniature trees I bought on Ebay. You can easily wedge it in between the base and his coat and glue it stuck there, if it’s made of metal wire. Alternatively, green stuff is always the way to go.

All in all, a nice little mini.

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