Sunday, August 4, 2013

Fenris, Entropy and Pikemen

It's time for more warmachine updates, again mainly through pictures. With summer flying by as fast as it pretty much did last year, I suddenly realized how I've missed any updates about the painting progress. As well as my experience with the most recent league.

Last thing first; the Entropy league.
This was my very first attempt of participating in a league, and even though our EO had a relaxed approach to this and it was launched during one of the hottest months (meaning a lot of people weren't participating or only played on a very sporadic basis) I had a good time. I only got around playing ten games or so; I likely could've played a whole lot more if I wanted to. Still, it was summer, there were Steam games to play, weather to enjoy and beers to drink. All in all good times. In addition, I'd saved so many of my Khador minis in order to secure a high score through painting. I love it how PP actually rewards people in the leagues for being creative, seeing as one of the schematics this season was all about creating pieces of terrain.

In the end, I reached just about 60 points. I lost two games, but I pretty much assume that many opponents went light on me because I'm still on the entry-level to Warmachine. One opponent even allowed me to backtrack a move that ultimately lead me to win the game, so when I found out he was about to win the overall league, provided I didn't paint anymore than I already had - I decided he deserved the victory and stopped. Because that kind of gentlemanship in games is what I want to encourage. I know some people out there insist that going rough on the newbs is the only thing that will ever train them (or simply discourage those filthy n00bs from ever participating in our real man game again! That'll teach them not to want to become a part of our community!)

Besides, I was very happy with how much I'd painted already.

Mainly this is about my now done unit of Ironfangs as well as Fenris on foot.

I've written some earlier blogs about the pikemen and how much trouble I've had with them. In the end, they turned out well and the feeling of them being metal is lovely. They're heavy, they're impressive and they're mean. There is some agreement that these boys are certainly not the most competitive troops Khador can muster. Some even hate them outright, especially when the choice is between them and the assassins. I see where people are coming from with this, yes.

During my first game with them, they were blown to pieces by a Cygnaran army. And because I was an idiot, mostly just sprinting forward with them, hoping to get to them before they could get off a shot. It didn't work; in fact - I stopped 10'' short of them or so, well within a world of pain delivered by a sadistic unit of gunners. GG. In my second game, they huddled around the terrain, steering for an objective, and decimated an entire unit of stormblades in a round. I've also seen them take jacks and big solos down, when they get a battle lust to help them out a bit. The main thing about them seems to be hitting stuff with above average defence; they tend to struggle in this regard, if you don't manage to knock them down or combine your attacks.

I'm still intrigued by the possibilities in these guys, however. With en eIrusk, their ordinary attachment and the new Kovnik there are so many tricks you can pull out your ass. They can be incredibly mobile and realtively easy muster a shield wall for an impressive ARM 18 if needed. Thrown in with a battle lust and tough with relentless charging and you're set to go. They might still struggle with concentrated fire, but I've heard some amazing stories with people who've played with the black dragon attachments. Throwing them up into the ARM22 is pretty much immunity to blast damage, so I definately want to play around with these a lot. While I still stick to the well-tested WG-Deathstar, I find it I have way more fun with the Pikemen.

I've seen another Khador guy in my community play with Fenris, and I've felt the pain he's able to deliver. He's also known as the guy who taught me that deploying my unit in one huge chunck is not always a good idea. Even alone, on foot, he slaughtered four in a turn and that was with really bad rolls. I'm not sure whether he truly fits in well with my Pikemen+WG+Irusk theme, but then again - he's a huge barrel of death that just starts rolling. Sticking to the doom reaver philosophy, you know he's going to fuck up must things he gets in contact with, and due to his horsey's SP 8, that can be a really swift barrel. He pretty much demands attention from your opponent, which will mean the rest of your army will have an easier time while the enemy troops are busy attending Fenris. Or, he'll ignore him and most units will be in for a world of hurt.
He's definately someone to try out at some time.

The above image is the foot-model. I'm yet to start on the horse edition, due to this model being so terrible to assemble.

I'll be back and let you know how it all turns out!

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