Friday, August 23, 2013

Painting dat Fenris

Earlier this month, I made a post about my progress on Fenris. Our beloved, brave (albeit psychotic) patriot of the Motherland. He was one of those minis I tended to overlook when I began playing Warmachine; mostly because he, I imagine, was a cavalryman and therefore used complicated rules I didn’t know about.

For said reasons, I went about for my first many games without him. Till the day I met another Khador player who pretty much seemed to auto include him in his lists, and watching this beast chew through half a regiment of Iron Fang Pikemen by himself was indeed a grand sight to behold. So I went home, read up on this fiend of a solo and decided to try him out. In a few games of proxy, I quickly realized as much: I needed to have him too.

As I have described elsewhere, one thing I love about Fenris is how he seems to take priority on his own, and with some smart play he becomes a force not to be approached lightly. While he’s by no means as immortal and durable as the lore would otherwise lead you to believe, he can manage to take some hits with the chance of knocking him off the horse, thus reducing his valued mobility by a great deal. But keep him safe and sound till he gets into range (which, on a horse and with reach isn’t all that hard) and you’d be bound for chopping. While he still seems to struggle from time to time with his lack of “Pathfinder”, he’s often done well on a flank by his own since he pretty much forces your opponent to react to him. Otherwise he might just make the journey up close to the enemy warcaster and have his way with those weapon mastered, charged doomblades.

Assembling him is not a huge ordeal; it certainly seemed smoother than previous adventure with the drill-and-replace-Iron Fangs. The guy comes in two minis; one mounted and the horse is in this dramatic stance where it only supports on two of its front legs. One of them has to be assembled, so some drilling seems advisable. I used two-component glue to make sure they would support properly. Despite of what you might think, the mini doesn’t suffer that much from imbalances with risks of it tilting.

Painting him was pretty much by the book. I considered doing more with his cloak, but then again, it seemed to fit in well with his grimdark theme. I used a lot of basic approaches to this mini, with my usual flesh toning (without Elf Flesh, since…grimdark) and the usual red combo, only without blazing orange. I know there are several tutorials out there dealing with the painting of horses, so depending on what color you want for it, finding guidance should be doable. I just chaos blacked and battlegreyed with black wash till I found a look I liked.

The base of such a mini certainly demands attention. He’s surprisingly big for a solo model, so I decided to make something special out of it. The plan was to make it look like he was making his way through a small brook out in the tundra (just because!)

I constructed the banks out of green stuff and once it was dry, glued on the snow effect and dirt on bottom of the river. I proceeded to apply the water effect; there are so many options for water effects out there and I haven’t tried most of them. I think different people will recommend various solutions. As for this effect, building water in motion seemed to work best with my old favorite C1212. It pretty much allows you to form waves and splashes with ease, as shown in this brilliant guy’s blog:

Some things to keep in mind, though, if you’re going for C1212:

A) The volume shrinks somewhat once it dries, meaning you’d be better off making the splashes a little bit exaggerated. If in doubt, either make a practice version, or remember that you can reapply the effect in layers, once the first one is dry.

B) Speaking of dry, even though the official statement about C1212 is that it dries in 24 hours, I’ve found that to be far from true. In fact, it took me well over four days before it was truly transparent and looked like it does now. So be patient : )

You can then add some vegetation to the base. An idea I had was to add a dead Cygnar trooper with his head in the brook, making blood run down it in streams. But while I admit that it seemed like a good idea, ultimately I decided for it to be somewhat out of my league for now. It’s definitely a thing that will be added later.

I hope this could inspire someone out there to make their own creative approach to this lovely model. I’d love to see what you guys came up with, so feel free to comment and mail me about it.

Coming up next; it’s likely mercenary time again. I’m having my eyes on a certain rogue alchemist…

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