Saturday, September 7, 2013

It's league time!

I love Warmachine, and I love Warmachine Leagues even more! Good news for me is how Equilibrium is kicking off just these days and we’re off to another month of gaming for glory, fighting for fame and winning for…valor. And badges.

A thing that genuinely intrigued me about Privateer Press when I first entered the game was how simple and yet elegant they run their league play. In certain months, running on short intervals of a couple of weeks in between, you’re simply able to accumulate points for playing, painting and doing new creative stuff with your craft. Seeing as how the creative people are decently rewarded for their dedicated work, it combines so nicely with the fact that you’re able to participate in a rather laid back, casual fashion. If you’re like me and don’t really fancy going to tourneys just in order to compete within your game, league is just for you.

Equilibrium brings on the new batch of schematics for you to fool around with. Some are what you’d expect, such as more points for making terrain (which is a great incentive, seeing how so few people can be assed with this) and completing various point tiers. On the new front you can now earn additional points by letting your opponent decide which warcaster/warlock to include in your army, or hell; even let your opponent build your army! While I’m likely not going to aim for this one, it’s still a nice idea. The core of the schematics is first and foremost focused on gaming this time around, rewarding you for a fully painted army only if you win 50 pts. Battles within five rounds.

There are of course new maps to fight over. Nothing that really blows me away, and yet offers a couple of reeeaaally interesting opportunities - such as a map in which the terrain moves, or a scenario in which you’re able to field two of the same character. Just imagine that. I can’t help but feel the appeal of actually being able to run two toughened winter guard death stars, or hey; just one with DEF 17, tough, fearless and constant boosted ranged attacks? Yes please.

I imagine the use of this map will depend heavily on the allowance of proxies in whatever environment. Our EO has strictly stated that the original PP mini must be provided for duplicates, and while it’s fun, I don’t feel tempted enough to go out and buy a second Joe. Sorry.

I fired up the battles to come this weekend with four games against the Legion of Everblight. Followers will know I’ve always struggled a bit with these guys, especially since they were among the first opponents I’ve played. I’m still rather terrified by some of their beasts, and a lot of stuff I like to play around with they tend to ignore. Still, I was amazed that I won the 50, 35 and 15 point game against them.  The one time that really did me in was that horrible flying assassination caster of theirs.

I had the chance to play around for a bit with Vlad3 as well, mostly for fun. It turned out to be a lot of fun with a lolol-list mainly consisting of him and as many jacks he could pull and sprint around with wind wall. I must admit, I’m kind of in love with Signs and Portents so far and I’m definitely contemplating this guy when I get tired of Irus/Star/Pikemen setup. The thing that’s really amazing about it, is how it effects Fenris too, meaning that on a charge this guy hammers for an insane 5D6-lowest dice roll. In one game he tore most of a unit to pieces by himself just with the aid of this spell.

With legion victories off, I’m moving on to Cryx this Monday. I bet it will be nothing less than interesting.

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