Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pacific Terminus

Things went above expectations against Cryx; it’s not a sentence I imagine ever getting used to. Call me pessimist, but I blame thrice victory in luck>skill, especially this time around.

If you didn’t guess, I won yesterday’s match against the infernal stalkers of the dark world. Despite playing around with Doom Reavers for the first time, and for once pulling out ol’ Epic Irusk. Mostly just for the additional league point. Besides from that, there is only so much you can do in 35 points, so I remained with a small group of pikes, winter guards and the Behemoth. The latter ended up as the star of the show, beyond doubt, seeing as my opponent had brought Lich Lord Terminus for some fun.

Granted, I don’t know much about Terminus. I’m still in the stage where most people field something new that I’ve never heard about, and I pretty much just shrug and see how it plays out. To me, that’s the best way to learn the tricks of this game, seeing as I’d have to be slightly autistic (in that ‘Rainman’ way) to memorize every little unit, solo and engine for all armies. Terminus has such an awesome model, however, and in my D&D terminology, a Lich Lord sounds like someone who prefers to remain in the back and nuke me from orbit.

It would definitely be a way to remain safe, compared to the contrary. Which was what my opponent decided to go for. Apparently, this Terminus is some of a YOLO-guy; he wants to get up all close and hug’ish, kind of like the Butcher, I imagine. I’ve seen some games in which Terminus has accumulated an immense amount of souls, bringing his Armor to the point where it’s barely fun anymore (we’re talking around 30 or so…)

I got lucky early on, when a Behemoth shot deviated into Gorman and blew him up, and tried to hold my position till I found out which flag would disappear (‘Incursion Scenario’). Luckily, I faced Bane Thralls and not knights, so my winter guards were able to pop a few from a distance. I’ve been commenting on how eIrusk is a tricky caster to run well, but I was thrilled to feel how my general experience with the game had improved so much that I could utilize him for much better effect. There can be so much movement going around with so much flexibility if you plan for it; in my case, I screened my reavers behind the pikes, so they’d be ready to charge through them on his feat-turn. It seemed kind of brilliant.

And suddenly, there he was. Terminus. In the middle of the table, moving up to play. At this time, my opponent was a bit disheartened; complaining pretty much from turn one about the behemoth and its Armor Piercing ability. Again, I’ll have to point out, I made this list totally on a whim with very little planning. But when the huge pile of undead rage stood there in the middle of the field, Joe shouted for the guards to focus fire and clear a line, Irusk Energized, feated and crossed his fingers. In one massive charge, the Behemoth thundered down the lines (with much cheering, I’m sure) and began pounding the Lich Lord. 

It didn’t end well for the evil overlord, truth to be told. The rolls were good and Terminus was soon after reduced to a steaming pile of undead rubble. Score points there. Even though they honestly felt a bit too easy; I had the feeling my opponent was too demoralized at that point to care, Terminus was barely screened from the charge and it happened during my second turn as player 2. Ah well…

I’m currently racing against another player for the first place in the league, but I’m sure she will haul home a lot of points, seeing how I’ll be busy with work for the remaining weeks. Still, a badge is a badge. I need to complete the creative schematics as well, starting with the custom made objective marker, which is well underway:

And coming up next; Warcaster painting time. Butcher. I honestly never liked this guy that much, even though he’s kind of an “Off the rack” choice for so many Khador players. I always look at him and compare him to the style I’m used to play with Irusk and think it almost seems too…well…crude and direct. But I can’t argue that his feat is very good and he goes well with the guards, pikes and behemoth too. I’m going up against Retribution this Thursday, but I contemplate on trying out an Old Witch list instead, with a list specifically made for scenario-wins. We’ll just have to see about that.

Finally, just a small happy jump that the awesome guys over at Privateer Press on twitter RT’ed my Khador Sheep Dog to all their followers. Thank you all for you awesome response; it’s so nice to hear that people like your work! : D

Till then, stay tuned and safe!

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