Saturday, September 21, 2013

To our Boys in Red

I’ve been severely neglecting this blog for the entire week, mainly because of work. I recently started up in the local hobby store, selling miniatures, board games and in general being helpful towards customers by pushing Privateer Press stuff to them. It’s going remarkably smooth and well; so much that the first thing I do during my weekend is sitting down to write about Warmachine.

Lately, I’ve added some points to the paint-bank. I honestly had to, seeing how preciously little time I’ve had for actual gaming during the week. My usual Thursday evening I skipped out on, frankly because I was too tired, so I’ve been working with completing my third Warcaster, the Behemoth and the “Make an objective” schematic. I think there have also been some reading of “The Dresden Files” and Diablo in between; but I digress.

First of all, the behemoth is complete! (It has been for some time, if you’ve been following my facebook or Deviantart) and one mean beast it is indeed:

I’ve often been fapping squeeing about this model. I include it in almost all of my armies because it’s just so good. Yes, as everything else in warmachine that depends on the circumstances and how you use it, but it’s a mountain of steel with two shouldercannons.
Fuck, what’s not to love?

As for painting, it was pretty ordinary with the red highlights all the way up to very slim orange around the edges. I considered, for a moment, adding in some weak blue on the metal to make it extra special, but decided against it. I bought him used, which is why some minor pieces were missing, and from the start I made a rock out of green stuff, and glued him on in this pose. It offers more support for him, since he’s huge and made of metal, and used Super Epoxy glue for the purpose. He’s been moved and thrown around a lot since then, and survived pretty well.

Next up is the nasty Butcher of Khardov. I don’t like Butcher in a play-style sense. He’s too direct and seeing how warcasters already have a huge “Kill me!” sign on top of their head, having one that prefers getting up close and personal just seemed like a bad idea. On the other hand, he is a glass cannon; you can be pretty sure that unless it’s one of the very heavy boys that get in his face, he’ll likely be able to tear it a new one in the following round (and honestly, even warbeasts and heavy jacks won’t leave that encounter unscathed).

I’ve only played him for one game so far, and used him way too Irusk’ish. His feat is devastating and his spells okay, however, so I’ll take him for a spin again, sure.

Regarding painting he’s really straight forward. Very straight. Instead of coming up with something creative, I decided for basework, seeing how that’s always fun and easy. And for the first time in history, I’ve added blood on a mini’s weapon, which I usually loathe like the plague. This seemed like the exception, however, his history taken into account; river running red with blood and so on. I found a really dark, red ink which you can apply varnish to and it’s basically blood (the water I made with C1212). I don’t remember the ink’s name, seeing how it was my boss who provided it, but I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

Finally there’s the objective.

There’s not that much to say, except that I find it kind of nice. It was just what I had laying around put on to a base. The ground and rock was made from polystyrene on which I sprayed a tiny bit of GW paint (it dissolves poly, which creates this nice rocky effect)

And there you have it!

Next project is terrain; I still need to make something at least for the five points. On top of that, I'm contemplating something very, very special soon!

Stay tuned!

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