Saturday, October 5, 2013

New minis and those Dark Elves

Hey, all!

Not that much new to say, except for some short updates.
With the current Warmachine league currently about to reach its end, I'm still thinking I'm in a very sweet spot regarding badges. I imagine it's around the top three, once again given the fact that I could've been first had I only taken the time to actually play more games.

That being said, painting has been all the rage for some of the top-tiered players this time around. Whereas I went pretty high last league, mainly because of painting, people seem to have followed in my steps and gone absolutely crazy this time around. Which is nice, because we need more people getting off their ass and actually start painting shit.

One of the local players had a long struggle about his current role and faction (Khador) and eventually decided to call it for the Motherland (we'd usually shoot them, but he kept a small army, just in case, so that's okay) - meaning he was very interested in some trading. Seeing as how he was on the market for Warriors of Chaos, I didn't delay much. After some talking, this is what I ended up with for all my WoC-minis:

I'd say it's rather solid, I'm almost able to field 150 points by now, albeit in a "I'll just field all the shit I own lol"-tactic. It'll be a lot of jacks, but I've still spoken a bit to my main Cryx-opponent about trying out that Unbound format next week. I'm sure it'll prove interesting, if not for the points at least.

On the paint-wagon, I'm still busy with the Doom Reavers - will make sure to get back to you on that one. I won my latest game against Cryx, but I've had the royal smack from Cygnar and Retribution this season. Those guys aren't playing around at all, and while I think I'm much better prepared for the emo-elves, Cygnar can still give me a headache.

Speaking of Warhammer, there's been a lot of hype about the Dark Elf book. I believe those most interested will have picked it up by now, and sadly I have very little to say about it yet. Delf has been one of my main armies ever since I began the game (in fact, it was the first army I ever played) and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tempted to pick it up and get going once again. Sadly, the usual GW-pricing discourages me as it always does, especially regarding the Witch Elves that I really want to play. I'm not sure whether I'll go crazy yet, but the models are indeed really sweet to look at; only the new executioners fall flat in my perspective. Then again, part of me is still eagerly waiting for the dwarves to come out next, which some rumors have it will indeed be the case after the Tyranids have been updated.

I suppose that's also the main reason why I eventually let the Warriors go. I loved my army, but it was always one of the latest picks whenever I found someone ready to game. I believe it will serve much better elsewhere; it's a great book and some great models that I'm sure will serve the gods for years to come!

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