Thursday, November 28, 2013

A fleet to dread

I’m aware this is somewhat a “trying to remedy something that’s long overdue” post, seeing as how the entire painting process has been put on halt ever since I got a girlfriend. Damn those women.

I suppose the positive aspect is that I’ve been put to paint her Dreadfleet.

I’ve never really cared that much for the game, expect when it comes to the miniature-department. Not surprisingly, GW has a way for making me drool about their minis, and just as easily turn me off with their rules and systems. From what I’ve heard about Dreadfleet, it doesn’t sound much like a game I would enjoy. 
 My biggest concern being that you can be well in the lead and then, out of the blue, you will roll poorly or draw a certain card that will just screw you over and allow your opponent to trump your well prepared plan. 

It’s something I’ve never seen the appeal in - and one of the reasons why I’ve been away from WFB for so long - sometimes it feels as if we might just save time by rolling a dice instead and let the one with the highest win the entire game instead of just setting up.

But I digress.

Here’s a picture of the dwarven ship. For a first-time-project I believe it went okay.


So, if you like metal-paint this ship is your wet dream (SEE WHAT I DID THERE????) - it's straight down the road with boltgun metal, black wash, rehighlight, and chainmail drybrush all the way up. Mithril silver it too, if you want to be the sparkle of the sea. It's one of those minis that's kind of hard to get wrong, if you just take your time, seeing as how there are sooo many details. My girlfriend undertook the Heltenhammer as her first project, and I frankly don't envy her.

I went with a more dim gold here. You could go for the classic burnished gold+mithril silver as the extreme highlight, but I thought it was too shiny, so I settled for brown+shining gold+flesh wash+shining gold+burnished gold and done. For the waves I just did as they told me to in WD (regal blue+enchanted blue drybrush+heavy wash of 1:1 black/thrakagreen+iceblue edge highlight+thinned skullwhite extreme highlight.)

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