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DNJL 1 - A Ghost in the Warmachine

The blog has been rather oblivious regarding the not-so-recently initiated Danish National Journeyman League (DNJL) of Warmachine/Hordes by PrivateerPress. Partly because I'm a slow fucker, partly because work at the hospital has to a large degree kept me from participating as much as I ought to. Nonetheless, I found it worthwhile to at least drop a short post about our wonderful, Danish community, meanwhile proving "I'm a warmachine player too!!"

Those who've been tagging along at the blog are well aware that it has been some time since I last brought my dolls to the Iron Kingdom. More than a year, to be precise. I'd more or less decided to shelve the rather significant collection of boys in red, when our former organizer poked me about participating – a daunting task, considering I've been away for so long and thought I'd barely recognize anyone.

We kicked off the event a couple of weeks ago, and in case you were wondering I decided to stick to my faithful old Khador forces. Partly because it's the faction I know my way around best. Despite the obvious notion of starting out a new faction due to Journeyman, I didn't feel I had the time to read up on the Horde-rules (and I want my second faction to be a Horde army).

I'll have to say; I'm not in this for the winning. I went in really hard during the last two leagues, but this time around, working in the psychiatry simply leaves me with way too little time and energy. Also, the number of participants during this league is massive in my city (our group boasts a whopping 65 members in itself); aiming for the top tier wasn't that lucrative for me. So my aims have been tempered this time, and I've gone in mostly for a good time and painting the last minis I need.

I went for the original Khador box, initially, but soon changed my mind about it. I've been playing a lot with Sorscha (I wish *applause*) during my early game and it was my impression that during the early bbox games, she'd be really efficient at her cardinal trait: Assassinating the shit out of stuff. I did realize, however, that I'd be mostly occupied during the first couple of weeks, and one of the things I love about WM in general, is making things work together. And there are better casters for that. So, for the obvious alternative there was good ol' Butcher.

I haven't played much with Butcher. I've heard the stories. I bought the T-shirt; the guy can be a powerhouse and quite the epitome of the glass-cannon in plate. So, I thought it obvious to try out the big, bad baldie, also because he comes with Iron Flesh and that's an earlier opportunity to bring in the WG Deathstar (because crushing dreams is fun).

I had my first real games this week, as I wasn't needed that much at hospital, and what an amazing experience it was! To return to such an active and friendly environment as the Warmahorde community in my city was thrilling. Our local store, Dragonslair, offers gaming nights every Monday, which these days should basically be renamed “Warmahorde Night” due to the sheer number of players showing up. 

In my experience, the geek-community is quite the divergent assembly of minor groups, some of which differ more than others in their openness to newcomers. Luckily, most of the Warmahorde players in our community have been very talkative, friendly and understanding of someone like me returning to the fold after prolonged hiatus. I had the pleasure of watching and talking to a good handful of people that night, before setting out for my games.

Khador vs. Skorne – 25 pts. Battlebox, no caster swap, Killing Field.

I didn't get to take any pictures of either of my battles; sorry about that. You'll have to settle for a short story.

I really like Skorne; they'd likely be my first pick of faction had it not been for those ridiculous elephants. (Yes! They bloody are!) - I went up against Xerxis, Bassilisk Drake, Bassilisk Krea, Cannoneer and a unit of Gatormen Posse. With Butcher against Xerxis, I imagined there would be some solid beating. I fielded pButcher, the Kodiak, the Decimator and a WG-Deathstar along with a unit of Widomakers. 

The game went rather solid for me during the first couple of turns. The objective markers I wanted to keep remained, and I closed in on a solid position, feated and moved the psychotic Mr. Clean in to mop up. I managed to decimate almost all the gators and tie up the cannoneer with the Kodiak. I thought I'd secured Mr. Clean by then, but on the following turn, Xerxis' counter feat and unexpected pushback, made the way for the cannoneer, who rushed down and ate poor Butcher.

Ah, damn. Losing to a rule I'd forgotten about is the story of my Warmachine life.

Lessons learned: Don't waste Butcher on killing gators, Xerxis is a c*nt, Mr. Clean is not as durable as his miniature leads you to believe.

I admit; playing Butcher has an appeal.

Khador vs. Cygnar – 25 pts. Battlebox, no caster swap, Killing Field.

Going up against the archenemy is always a load of fun; especially when said player is a former Khadorian who deserted to the boys in blue.
I fielded the same army, against Coleman Stryker, the Ironclad, the Lancer, the Charger, the Arcane Gunmages and Black 13. This was much more familiar terrain for me; I've been playing against Cygnar a lot back in the day.

I went first and decided to keep up the aggressive tactics, hoping for the best. In general, being aggressive has won me way more games than being defensive in Warmachine. Something like; being aggressive is fighting the way, being defensive is enduring it. Something like that; fuck me, it sounds good.

Out on the left flank, my widowmakers had a shootout versus the Black 13, who had a pet-buff from Stryker and placed themselves on a hill. The total DEF score was simply too high to even try, so I decided to leave them there and rendezvous, seeing as the objective marker disappeared from that part anyway. The B13 managed to AOE and crap five of my Winterguards, who apparently hadn't been paying enough attention to Joe's patriotic speeches and therefore failed their tough rolls.

The remaining Winterguards shot the arcane gun mages to shreds and the kodiak and decimator went into melee with the Ironclad and Charger respectively. Added up by the Butcher, who had feated that turn, I struck luck and had a streak of not rolling less than two sixes on all rolls for nearly the rest of the round. The gunmages, the iron clad and the lancer were obliterated in one turn, meaning my opponent decided to throw everything he had a butcher. Most hope came from the Charger, that sadly suffered from some really poor rolls and bare scratched the red giant.
Enter Mr. Stryker, who gunned and nuked with spells, but Butcher was still standing with 10 health at the end of turn, which spelled an end for Cygnar, seeing how Stryker was now in charge range.

(Luck or skill? Fuck it, it felt good!)

So the remaining part of the night was spent socializing, finding new opponents for next week. Most people were heavily engaged in games by this time, and I decided it had been a great night. I treated myself to some objective markers and took some pictures of other people enjoying their games. Enjoy!

It was a great night; one that reminded me truly how much I'd missed the Warmachine community and games, so there is definitely room for more challenges! Read up next week, as I'll go up against Menoth and Legion of Everblight!

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