Saturday, November 1, 2014

Painting Nagash

Not going to waste time, posting any unnecessary crap about why this is late and why there haven't been any updates for ages. I think the recent painting-pictures explain why. Also, updates, yay!

Painting Nagash was a blast. This entire miniature was pretty much the whole reason, why I decided to start up a vampire counts army again (after selling my old models, deciding I was done and through with WFB, but fuck it; a man's gotta have a hobby, right? Or 15. Fuck me if I know, I had fun).

I know that had I only been a good and proper nerd, I would've made notes along the way, how I did it, what colors I used, etc. so people actually had the chance to ask me about specific things. The truth, however, is much simpler and a bit of a letdown. Thing is; I didn't, because I didn't come up with this idea. I realized that Games Workshop released four videos on youtube, in which you're specifically taught how to paint Nagash. And even though I usually prefer making up stuff as I go along, people who know me are also aware that I'm a classic guy at heart, when it comes to painting. I don't feel a need to reinvent the wheel, so since the official look was very, very pretty, I decided you couldn't go wrong with that, so there I went and copied it.

The videos in question can be found here:

I won't lie; it took quite a while to paint Nagash. Three weekends or so, I'd reckon, time mostly spent at night. In fact, I think I managed to watch an entire season of Game of Thrones from start to finish; just go give you some expectations if you're going to do it thoroughly.

The guide is quite simple, but I recommend watching it all at least once to get an idea of the paints you need. Most of them are (surprise, surprise) from the new range of GW paints, so if you're like me and stock up on the old range, chances are you will miss quite a few colors.

A thing I'd like to add, however, compared to Duncan's suggestions. While he does glue on the small books to the spirits first; I STRONGLY recommend NOT to. Why? Because while they do make it easier for the spirits and doesn't require you to take care of running glue when you put them on; they are a royal pain in the ass to paint once assembled. In the end, I took the easy way out and just painted the surfaces immediately visible on the mini, but on closer inspection you'll notice they're mostly brown and shaded on the backs, simply because painting through the spirits and robes is so annoying. Instead, paint the tomes first, then glue them on gently, being careful with the amount of glue you use, and your life will be all the better. Trust me on this.

With that being said; here you have him. The big Mr. N himself. Enjoy.

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