Tuesday, January 6, 2015

"For I am Kind!" - Starting Skorne pt. 1

Happy New Year, everyone! Hope you all got well into it.

Not that much to show at the moment, but hopefully 2015 will be a much more busier year than 2014. To kick it off, we begin with some Warmachine painting. Or, technically, Hordes-painting. I've been at it for some time, deciding on my first Hordes faction, since I wanted my second army to be exactly that. Issue was, I didn't really like any of the horde factions initially. We have loads of Legion players in my community (surprise, surprise) and the Trolls were on a high for some time. I had some dreams about painting Legion in a different way or making something special out of them; yet I never really got into it. I love the design of Circle, but I understood the learning curve was pretty steep for them, meaning I started looking to the beat-stick faction of Skorne.

Now, my experience as a Horde player is limited; in fact I've only made it briefly through the primal guide and the faction book, and I understand that compared to Legion and Circle, Skorne is fairly limited in its competitiveness, at least on tournament level. Personally, I've always been of a casual garage-gamer and in it for the painting just as well.

I like moving up and hitting things in the head with full force. My first Fantasy army was Warriors of Chaos, I chose Khador because huge robots punching and mad men with cursed swords were fun and now I get to play a cultural mesh of oppressive beings that torture elephant-frogs for fun so they can beat other people over the head. There is also an undeniable appeal in the mix of Roman/Persian/Samurai themes; which has always been one of the reasons I love how PrivateerPress handle their factions.

I've decided to set out for Xerxis. Because, the name. And I'm very intrigued by his Fist-list of meat shields. Not entirely sure it's the optimal list for Skorne, but it seems like a good way of getting the hang of the ropes.

The issue with Skorne, painting-wise, is that their theme is very close to Khador and I have to go out and buy even more red paint. I'm not sure whether I'll succumb, try and find a different scheme or whatever. So I decided just to go at Xerxis, inspired by one of the first Google pictures I found of him. Black is great because it pretty much goes with anything. I also decided to give him burning maces, since there should be at least some hint of red on him, especially if I go with the main colors of the army. I know the burning effect is rather crude, but from a distance it actually looks....kind of okay.

From thereon, I'm considering the following list:

Tyrant Xerxis
Molik Karn
Titan Gladiator
Cataphract Arcuarii (Leader and 3 Grunts)
Cataphract Arcuarii (Leader and 3 Grunts)
Cataphract Cetrati (Leader and 5 Grunts)
Cataphract Incindiarii (Leader and 3 Grunts)
Cataphract Incindiarii (Leader and 3 Grunts)
Paingiver Beast Handlers (Leader and 5 Grunts)
Tyrant Commander & Standard Bearer

Not sure how it'll work out, but figure-wise, I really like what I'm seeing!

There won't be much painting of said army in the near future, however, seeing as I'm currently working on commission on a 40K Chaos Army which could take a little time. Will make sure to post updates about that!

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