Thursday, January 15, 2015

"For I am kind!" - Starting Skorne pt. 2

So it's time for the second update on my Skorne progress. I did a single game this Monday against, well, another Skorne-list, which was just about as set up as my own by going against pMakeda. Needless to say, it wasn't a blast; not that I expected it to. It was my first game as Horde and Skorne at the same time, and luckily my opponent was very forgiving and helping along the way. It didn't change the fact, however, that I didn't have a single clue of what I was doing, pretty much moving beasts out of Xerxis' meager control area and provoking way more fury than I could possibly leach back and so on. All in all, it was one huge hell of a mess and rookie-game. But hey; I suppose we all need to start somewhere, right?

I lost big time, managing, ironically, to kill off a couple of his models during Makeda's feat turn. I have to admit, that's one really nice feat for sure.

So, licking my wounds, I went home and decided to at least do what I do best; look good while dying. Since Molik Karn was the first guy to bite the dust in the game (during to the Fenris-complex I so often end up in) I decided to complete him first. It was a nice change from the Chaos Space Marines, either way.

I went for a blue scheme for my Karn, greatly inspired by PaintVagrant on CoolMiniorNot. I'm actually quite happy with the outcome, I'll say. Even though I'm likely sticking with the ordinary red Skorne-theme, both Karn and Xerxis are supposed to stand out significantly from the rest. I ought to have taken pictures along the way, but none the less I decided to share the result with you guys and attach a few comments as to how I did it.

Preparations: I glued the mini together and drilled it. For glue, I'm a sworn believer in the Gorilla Super Glue that has yet to let me down. The green variant is especially beastly and settles swiftly and at one time, I tried rolling Karn across the table and only his banners broke off. So there.

I then sprayed and undercoated him white and washed him with Nuln Oil (yes, I use the GW range, sorry about that to those of you using alternative ranges : ( )

The Blue Parts: Staying true to the old rule of beginning from the lower layers and working your way up, I based the blue parts with Hawk Turquoise. I then washed them with Asurmen Blue and started painting the patterns on the shoulders. Anything goes here, really, just keep them small lines and you'll be fine. Then apply another small wash of Asurmen Blue and blend a highlight into the lines again with pure Hawk Turquoise. Then, make roughly a 1:1 mix of Hawk and Ice Blue and make an even smaller highlight within the lines. Then rinse and repeat the washing and this process till you're satisfied with the result. 
Notice; the washes will make the shoulders shiny. I didn't like that, so I applied some anti-shine spray to them afterward. This is rough on the paint though and can potentially bleach it all down to white, and goofy things can happen, so use with caution and in small, well-aimed bursts.

Use the same technique for the rest of the blue parts, mainly on the armor and the plates on the legs. There's not much skill involved here, just patience and a thin brush.

His eye was done the same way.

The Gold: There's a lot of gold'ish on this model because he's friggin Molik Karn. Once the blue part is done and entirely dry, paint over all the golden parts with Scorched Brown (again, patience is a virtue) – Let it dry and apply Sycorax Bronze. This metallic color is a bit odd to work with, since it often appears more thin than it actually is. You'll have to try it out in order to see what I mean. Apply this carefully and don't rush on the small parts on the shoulders and stomach.

When entirely dry, wash very carefully with Devlan Mud. You may need a couple of layers on the big spaces like shoulders and arms. Once entirely dry, do an edge highlight with Sycorax Bronze again and you're through.

The White: Apply another wash of Nuln Oil to the areas of white, such as the hair, rope and sword hilts. When dry, start highlighting it with Pallid Wych Flesh, carefully to keep the black lines visible. This can be a bit tricky around the hair, but if it goes out of control, Nuln Oil wash can easily tone it down. In fact, doing this a couple of times can get you a smoother blend. I could likely have done better on that part, to be honest.

The skulls are done the same way, except I washed them Flesh Shade and Devlan Mud afterwards, and did a highlight with Pallid Wych Flesh.

The Skin: Nothing too fancy. Pallid Wych Flesh, washed with Reikland Fleshshade. When dry, do a careful highlight again with Wych. Keep at it till your happy about it.

The Green Banners and his cloth-mask: I hate Molik's mouth. Sorry, PP, but I really don't like it. So I made a cover for it. For this I went for a basecoat of Incubi Darkness, followed by washes of Nuln Oil mixed with Lamian Medium 1:3 (this is pretty much the same strategy used for Nagash' robes) – Keep adding thin layers till it looks good. Make sure on the banners that you add a layer and progress down the banner with one layer at the time, constantly leaving a thinner layer above. In that way the blend will look awesome in the end. I didn't go for anything special for decoration on the banners, but you go ahead and make something awesome up.

The Swords: Ironbreaker, Nuln Oil wash and edge-highlight. That's it.

The Gems: Chaos Black for base, then a Red Gore base, showing a little of the black in the top right corner of the gem. Blend in a little Blood Red, empathizing the bottom left of the gem and repeat with Blazing Orange (just less) for extreme highlight. Then add a dot of Skull White to the top right corner and you're done. I added a thin layer of Gloss Varnish for style.

Basing: Ordinary base-stuff. Nothing special there. The rock is bought in a small pack of premade stones, but you can easily green stuff it. It's painted with Baneblade Bow and washed with Reikland Fleshshade. Since I want all my Skorne to fight in a desert, only a slight bit of vegetation is added. I was hoping for a cactus, but this may be added later.

Molik Karn is beyond doubt one of the most fun models I've painted so far, and I look forward to work more on Skorne. Hope this can inspire and help some of you out there! : )

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