Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Cryx pt. 1: "See the world" they said...

I abandoned the previous entry on a cliffhanger, regarding the newly discovered faction I've taken up in Warmachine. It's not really that huge of a spoiler anymore, if you've followed my tweets, but I'll still pretend it's a surprise to most of you.

I threw myself into a fiery volcano and have become a trusty servant of the Dragon Father.
Shocking, I know. If you can't beat them, join 'em and all that.

Some history and background for this decision for those of you who'd care:
I began playing Warmachine in the spring of 2013 or so and one of the things that intrigued me the most was the whacked and interesting factions. I wanted to play everything at the time, including Cryx, but read several places on the net that this was the “high skill, high reward” faction that was very unforgiving to newcomers. A lot of people loved to bash on these guys too, so I thought I'd make a good impression and chose something more tolerable; enter Khador.

Khador, I was told, was a beat-stick faction that seemed very straight forward. In one of my earliest posts about them, I compared them to the Warriors of Chaos 8th edition pre-new armybook – Forward and hit them in the face till it drops. Today it puzzles the living fuck out of me why anyone would really describe them like that, but hey, maybe it was a remnant from distant times, I don't know. I played Khador a lot like that in the beginning, two, at times three, heavy jacks and just something to hit stuff. It failed miserably. Then I went to shooting, which Khador really isn't that terrible at, but it just meant that in good games with good rolls, I could actually win something with long shots and gunning assassinations against new people. Only after several games, did I realize the staggering amount of potential Khador held for infantry-spam and suddenly a lot of jacks were shelved for a

Khador-shooting. It can certainly be a thing.
I had a lot of games against Cryx at the time, but mostly new players who didn't like the faction, so I won all my games. But there was a huge amount of rage against the poor undeads still, so I didn't venture into that territory. Instead I went on to have a short going thing with Skorne, having been away from the game for almost a year (because, girlfriend lolol). It wasn't really the success I'd hoped for; mostly due to me and the Hordes rules not getting along (see previous post)

Some time ago, I decided I wanted to become more hardcore at Warmachines, because it's by far my favorite game out there and the hobby aspect amazing. Not necessarily a tournament player, but I wanted to actually have a fair chance of winning again. So I started looking into Cryx. As stated earlier, I've always loved the models. Also, they seem to like their infantry spam a lot, which I approve of. It looks so awesome, and who doesn't just love the undead? Anyone saying no is in severe denial, of course.

I've always had a thing for the 'broken stuff' when it comes to competitive gaming. When I play a computer game with any chance of power creep, I'll look at it. In wargaming I want to make sure I play a faction that can pack a punch (I had a glorious time when Skavens dominated the meta with their pseudo 8th-edition book) – yet I was deterred by Cryx because people warned me against them being so hard to play.

Granted, I've only played three games with them so far, but the sheer amount of reading up on battle repports, rules, guides, podcasts and forum posts about them is beyond counting. Mastering Cryx has become some of an obsession now, and the strange thing is I enjoy it miles more than I ever did with Skorne and Khador. There is no denying that Cryx has some downright dirty moves, but it's like the possibilities are endless and I want to try it all out. So much I've bought most of the models needed for the armies I wish to play, without a single regret. I've had only one victory so far, but the losses all seemed logical to me. I knew what I did wrong and I have a strong idea what I need to do different the next time.

So my point; I've only played Warmachine for two years or so, but I think that's enough experience under my belt to say – yes, Cryx may indeed take longer to get into. But I don't think the learning curve is that much steeper than just learning Warmachine in general. I wish someone had explained me that back then.

So, here's to a grand campaign serving the Dragon Father, with plenty of more articles to come!

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