Saturday, March 21, 2015

Cryx pt. 5: Painted Satyxis Raider

This night, I finished the prototype for my Satyxis Raiders. I did one back a while ago which I simply didn't like that much. In general, I've been struggling a bit deciding which theme I want to run for the Cryx army. At first, I liked the notion of a frozen army with ice and snow, but I can't shake the feeling that this simply is too much like my Khadorians. I'm still contemplating, but so far I'm growing more and more fond of the Coastal Cryx. It's kind of original with a Terror From the Deep setting and also quite challenging to do properly.

So, I went for the coastal approach with my raiders and I like it. The idea that they are storming up the beach is good; making it look like it, less so. Water is notoriously hard to do perfect, especially when it's shallow. So take it for what it is on this model. I still prefer it over snow, and I think it'll look great once there is a whole unit of them!

Oh yeah, and boobs. Because.
I like boobs.

This is the standard I'd like them all to be in

My first painted model on the right. I don't think I'll redo her, but just make her the unit leader.

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