Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Warlords of Draenor Patch 6.1

In other, and very much delayed, news; Warlords of Draenor raiding is going nice and tight. It's not bleeding edge progress, since we only raid two nights a week and usually have to fill in the blank spots with pick-ups. Henceforth, the degree of success varies from that factor.
I still wouldn't trade it for anything in the world, though. Raiding with a bunch of real life friends and nothing else, talking in your common tongue and just having room for fun and yet determined progress is honestly more than I could ask for.

WoD has been a blast of an expansion for me, so far. Mainly due to just mentioned reason, but it's a nice step back towards what we loved in TBC. Maybe not as huge a step as I could've hoped for, but it suffices for me. I understand a lot of the recent fuss about the so-called 'content patch' 6.1 which kind of felt like a letdown (but let's be honest; I'm still waiting for the rogue buffs. You know they're coming! RIGHT?) - The thing Blizzard likely ought to have done, was either delaying Foundry till 6.1 itself hit, or have gotten their act together and released everything in 6.1 when Foundry hit. I imagine the last option would've been most beneficial. There is no doubt that Foundry was the real meat of this patch, but since it released so early compared to the actual patch, it was pretty much like a tiny bit of salad on a plate.
Also, I still don't think that selfie-options counts as content, but that's me.

Here's to taking down Blackhand tonight! He's the only guy left before we kick on to heroic. We got highmaul heroic all the way up to Imperator, so I have hopes for us!

In other news, I finally got my Thunderfury!

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