Friday, April 3, 2015

Cryx pt. 7: 35pts. pDeneghra vs. Forge Master Syntherion

Back in for a short one this time, just to do some reporting.

My appointment this Monday backed out in the 11th hour, meaning I had to make a quick swap for another opponent. I didn't mind much, however; playing against new factions is always educational. This time around, I went up against Convergence. A semi-rare occurrence in my meta, seeing how so few people play them.

I had my doubt about them, because I haven't faced them before. In fact, I've known only one guy who tried them for a time and then left the game. Seeing that I'd prepared my list against Menoth, I wasn't really sure what I was heading into. This was also the reason I decided not to take notes along the way, because I usually lose to new factions, since I need some time to settle.

We played 35 points and due to limited time I hadn't changed my previous list much. I went for pDeneghra again, with her usual setup of full Satyxis, because I love these little ladies so much. I find myself contemplating something else in all games, but they haven't let me down yet. I did go for a full unit of banethralls too, with UA and the Sauce to spread some love. The two deathrippers and Gorman are more or less standard in my pDenny lists as well, as well as a couple of pistol wraiths and a machine wraith.

I honestly can't recall what models he fielded, except for the caster; Forge Master Syntherion. I seem to recall a Corollary, a couple of Diffusers, an Assimilator and a Ciphor or a Monitor. I have a really hard time telling stuff apart when it's not painted, so bear with me here. Then there were a group of Optifex Directives and the Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex solo. Lots and lots of 'jacks all with the shitload of abilities, and true sight. It seemed like a great time to practice my aggressive play.

Convergence has a rather unique style of play, compared to other factions. In a simplified nutshell, they're able to power up their whole army, under ideal circumstances, with just one focus. Like a happy little bunny, once a focus is spent, it jumps and bounces around to other jacks, making everything work as on glorious...well, clockwork, right?

I had a brief rundown of the mechanics of the various jacks, with all the new stuff these guys are playing around with. Even with two years of Warmachine experience, I was frankly a little confused.

 We went for Incursion, since we both arrived late and had scraps of terrain and no zone markers. I love Incursion, so fine with me. I didn't intend to win on scenario. The plan seemed simple enough at the time...

I won the roll-off and deployed. Simple setup, though I kind of regret having Denny so far on the flank. There was so much shooting going on and I wanted to tuck her in nice and safely till I knew I could strike hard. At first, I wanted to go for a pop-and-drop and scourge my way for the Pistol Wraiths to fuck off Syntherion. Knocking down the big jack-fuckers is not possible, though, and seeing how the entire gunline could easily become magical, moving the wraiths close would be a bad idea. Instead, I held them behind friendly lines for psychological threat. Also, they should be able to mess up a jack or two. Again, moving up with the machine wraith on the right flank; he had to do something about that or I'd be reaping points. 

I sprinted everything up on my turn, including the Satyxis coming in from the left. I knew I would likely lose some, but while he had some scary guns he didn't have many of them, provided the troops remained spread. Also, with blast immunity, he had to be serious about the little ladies. Unfortunately, on his turn, the arcnode solo (which is a better name for the Dispersion Optifex) hurled a Magnetic Hold in their direction, severely limiting their speed and utility. He chose to hurl aoe's toward my banes instead, aiming for a good deviation, which didn't happen.

On my turn, I knew I wouldn't be able to get close enough with the Satyxis, so they tore apart the solo and placed themselves up on the hill to negate the defense debuff. The banes remained spread; I didn't want to just charge in with two of them, so they ran closer and I applied some pressure by sacrificing a light jack. One deathripper ran up close to the stack of jacks in the middle and sprayed the hell out of Syntherion with Venom and a Parasite. Gorman attempted to oil the Ciphor but ended up deviating the bomb into my own deathripper. Nice going there, Gorman.
Denny moved up and feated. I got the entire right flank of jacks with me, but in hindsight, it would've been much better to crippling grasp one of them. It did the job, though, as my opponent messed up his turn; first by going for my sacrificial pawn – he smashed up the light jack and moved closer, just where I wanted him. On the right flank, he moved up to shoot, but underestimated the length of Reach weapons so got engaged by the Satyxis (again, I want to make these ladies breakfast on bed, soon). The withered jacks shot my machine wraith with a magical shot, denying me points for that turn. On the other flank, Tartarus was busy camping points as well, meaning by that time, I already had two points; if he didn't something, I'd be sitting nicely at four at the end of turn.

The biggest mistake, however, was placing Syntherion so close to the front, next to a fence. I wasn't entirely sure whether I would make it, but I went for the throat. During my turn, Gorman managed to hurl a black oil into Syntherion and Tartarus moved up, cursed him and the Banes had a friendly Ghost walk cast their way. Charging in over the fence, it was all over. 

It was an interesting battle, not much else to say. It's nice to feel that I'm more mindful of my activation order, but there are still grains of my tendency to settle for a plan and resolve it relentlessly. I could easily have gained more from gripping a jack instead of spraying his caster (who can anyway autorepair), so that's up for next game. There's definitely a lot of interesting stuff going on for the Convergence; it's a shame I don't see them played more than I do. Models are awesome too.
My opponent made a couple of mistakes that cost him the game, which is anyway how a lot of warmachine games are won. Not remembering Ghost Walk is dangerous as well. I'm warming more up to banes, I'll admit, not really a fan of them since my first game. But once you make them work, they're a true charm.

I had the great pleasure of chatting a bit with the author from The Overseer, discussing some new casters to play around with. I'm still in love with pDeneghra, but I need to try out Terminus at some time. We talked a bit about the various options, and Gaspy seems like a good idea for another style of play. I may just go and try that out as well; likely get my undead ass shot to pieces, now that I've become fat and content with a stealthed caster.

Till next time!

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