Sunday, April 5, 2015

Cryx pt. 8: Painted Satyxis and fuck Terminus

So, game night at the local club is off due to some holiday related stuff. Something with Jesus, I think. Henceforth, I decided it was time to get on with some creative projects and represent.

I've been working for some time on my Satyxis Raiders; the little ladies have performed so well in all my games so far, so they were first in line for the brush. I completed them this night and though I admit they were painted for army-presentation, I'm satisfied with their look.

Next up is the witch and the captain, now that all the paint is out. I want to go more into detail with those two, like I did with the Siren - but likely trying to get them out faster. I'm still knee-deep into Pillars of Eternity and with Witcher 3 on the horizon I'm not really sure where I'll find all that time : /

I did the mistake, needless to say, of entering Jolly Roger Studios after posting my Satyxis, which just crushes my fragile little spirit every time. It's an amazing site that has granted me loads of inspiration and those guys are so talented painters they're out of this world. Still, I recommend giving them a look; it's always great to aspire for greatness!

Then we have Terminus and I...
Yeah, I've started assembling that huge metallic fucker.

I've tweeted a bit about my shitstorm of frustration that is Terminus. Allow me to repeat; this model is a living, fucking nightmare. Not only is he huge (likely bigger than a Bronzeback) he also comes in myriads of parts that, goes without saying, don't fit the least. It's at times like these that I want to cuddle up in a corner and cry about my Games Workshop-Ex, hoping that Jervis Johnson will come through the door, smile and provide me with a nice resin Terminus that just goes click.

Sadly, such fancies are beyond me, so I'm stuck with this scrapyard of a model. So far, he's been pinned more than a voodoo-doll and I've spent more Gorilla Gel Glue than I want to remember. My index finger is numb and blistered from drilling and the progress is so slow. Even then, I really doubt he'll be a breeze to transport like other PP models. The parts stick but they aren't solid like with Molik Karn. I'm fairly certain Molik would survive a crash from the table with just a shattered base. Terminus, not so much...

So far, I'm at the wings-section; needless to say this is the ├╝ber-bitch part. Just to fuck up matters more, my drill shattered so I had to make do with an old one. I made a support drilling in front of the wing to keep it in place with wire, but even with that and the already existing support of the model, it wasn't enough to keep the wing in place for the glue to dry. Luckily, I had some creative help from my girlfriend, likely saving me several hours of idle wait, holding those shitty pieces together.

I'm not sure whether this will hold, or if he snaps as soon as I try moving him. Time will tell. Alternatively, I'll get some plastic wings from a deamon prince and use instead. I really love your products, PP, but this one is a dropped ball for sure.

There is no way anyone could possibly assemble this model with just ordinary super glue and the mere patience of a mortal.

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