Friday, July 3, 2015

A Nerd in Fitness 6 - Dem gym-scores

Last time I blogged about going to the gym, I deliberately became a bit more academical about its denizens and visitors. What I didn't do, was providing anyone with any results of my accomplishments. The reason for this is simple, I didn't have any. During my first month or so, I was way too occupied surviving and finding my place in that crazy world, and my initial labels for the exercises were such colorful terms as “The thingy that hurts your legs”, “The rope you pull down” and so on.


So here I go, deciding to post my actual status for the various activities. Bear in mind that these represent a very early stage, for someone who hasn't done any of this...well, his entire life.

Data from the 30/6/2015:

Overhead Press:
Initially, I loathed this exercise. But slowly, as I pressed on and actually started to lift the bar alone, with relative ease, it became a lot more fun!

Current status: 25 kilos (with bar)
2 sets of eight lifts. One set of five.

Bench press:
I'm still not on good terms with this one, even though I'm performing slightly better.

Current status: 30 kilos (with bar)
3 sets of eight lifts.

I like this one. Its effects are clear and straightforward.

Current status: 8 kilos
3 sets of eight lifts with each hand

Reverse Curls:
Like Curls, just more fun

Current status: 7,5 kilos
3 sets of eight lifts

Forearm Flex:
Current Status: 8 kilos
Three sets of eight lifts for each hand

Current Status: 14 kilos
3 sets of eight lifts

Rotary Calf:
Current status: 45 kilos (this could likely be set to way more)
3 sets of 15

Leg raisers:
Pretty much as it says. Lie down, lift up your legs as high as you can.
3 sets of 30.

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